7 Steps to Reaching Your Goals in Record Time

We all set goals and look for the least-resistant ways of achieving them.  Sometimes, it may be difficult for us to reach our goals for various reasons.  I’d like to share 7 great steps that anyone can use to reach goals faster:


  1.  Accept responsibility for your life — the good and the bad.
  2. Alter your belief system by getting rid of faulty thoughts about your self-worth.
  3. Commit your goals to realistic dates and deadlines.
  4. Consistently go over and visualize your goals.
  5. Work on your goal(s) everyday.
  6. Choose to associate with people who are uplifting.
  7. Pattern yourself after a model or mentor.  And use a coach or accountability partner to hold you responsible for your goals.


The 7th Step

All of these steps are very important, but let’s spend some time talking about the 7th step.  If you don’t follow any of the other steps (but why would you do that?), please spend time consistently doing number 7.  By patterning myself after people I admire or are doing the things I want to do, I have made the most progress. 

I’ve always been an avid reader of self-help books (personal and business).  I’ve read books on investing, self-esteem, real estate, starting a business, marketing, etc.  And not only do I read plenty of books, I also listen to lots of audio cds and mp3s on improving my life.

This is a really interesting time in history as information is readily available…if you’re looking for it.

This has been great for me because I have so many mentors and people I model myself after who don’t even know I exist (yet).  For example, in business I follow the teachings (or examples) of Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Alexandria Brown, Rosalind Gardner, Alex Mandossian, Fabienne Fredrickson, Oprah, Martha Stewart, and others.

In addition to modeling myself after others, I also find people to hold me accountable to my goals.  I have used life coaches, which has really been wonderful (if you have the right one).  But you can also use a mastermind group or an accountability partner to keep you on track. 

A mastermind group (first defined by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich!) is a group of two or more people coming together to dedicate themselves to reaching a goal.  In a mastermind you usually have a group of people who are holding you accountable to what you say you’re going to do.  Very powerful, indeed!  If you just want to interact with one person and you hold each other responsible for your goals, then you would get an accountability partner.  Accountability partners and mastermind groups work in the same way, keeping you focused on your target.

If you cannot get a life coach right now, I encourage you to partner with one or more like-minded individuals.  By following step 7, as well as the other steps, I promise you’ll be amazed at how fast you reach your target. 

Jumping Back on the Wagon

If you fall off the (goal or resolution) wagon, no worries.  Don’t take your slip up as an opportunity to postpone your ambitions.  You can choose this moment to get back on track…don’t put it off until tomorrow. 

The important point here is to just get started.  If you’re truly committed to making changes in your life, nothing should be capable of stopping you.

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