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5 Factors You Should Know When Looking for a Dream Job

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The stale economy has changed the way employment seekers look for a job today. Some people are settling for positions in a hostile work environment because the jobs are steady and cover the costs of monthly expenses. Unfortunately, even collecting a paycheck when the conditions surrounding you are negative can prove upsetting. Is it really worth it? How do you even find a job that is more than a paycheck to you? Ultimately, the perfect job is one where the company culture agrees with you, and finding this can be done. More companies are realizing the importance of creating a positive collaborative lifestyle for their employees to bring about...

Zen Driving: Six Ways to Avoid Road Rage

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It’s Monday morning, and you just came to a dead stop in the road behind an endless ocean of cars on the highway. There is almost always something going on up ahead that slows your morning commute to a crawl. Hey, at least it gives you time to think up a really good excuse to tell your boss why you’re late. Eventually you start moving and about the time you start getting up enough speed to be getting somewhere, someone pulls around you and cuts you off without even the courtesy of using a blinker. You know why they didn’t use their blinker because you saw them texting with...

Five Sure Signs That Tell You To Change Careers

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Whenever I look back at my previous work as an architectural technician, I still wonder how I lasted three years. Don’t get me wrong – I was not complaining about the salary. In fact, the perks (full medical benefit and a monthly stipend) were more than I could ever hope for an entry level job. It was only after three years that I realized that there was more to life than just earning money. I wanted to do something I was passionate about. I wanted to become a writer. For me, it was quite clear that architecture was not my passion. Although it took me a long time to...

Are You Prolific?

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Are you prolific? Pablo Picasso was. He is said to have produced 40 to 50 THOUSAND works of art!! How about you? But the even deeper question is: Why am I writing this article? Why do I care about being prolific while you don’t? We’ll answer that in a minute, but first, let’s take a look at what it means to be prolific. Prolific Productivity To be prolific means to produce an obscene amount of work. So if you’re an artist, you put out a lot of paintings. If you’re a writer, you put out a lot of books. If you’re an entrepreneur, you start a lot of companies....

Top 5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

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A new year has just begun and resolution making is in full force all around the world. We live in an age where we have access to the best ever resources to aid our productivity, and yet it doesn’t seem to have impacted our resourcefulness much. But you could change all of that this year. Approach the problem of wastage of time with a clear plan and make your smartphone your ally in jumpstarting your productivity by downloading the right apps. There is, however, a slight problem of redundancy with apps. We download many and use just a few. The rest keep lying there, taking up valuable space. Since...

“Goal Setting Strategies” – 3 Little Known Techniques

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In this video I will show you 3 little known goal setting strategies that will help you to keep focused and motivated on your goals almost on auto-pilot. Our ability to set and achieve goals is directly connected to how successful we will be in life, and it doesn’t really matter if your definition of success is ‘a quick career growth’, ‘strong, loving relationships’ or ‘making a dent in the Universe’. Great leaders from Gandhi to Steve Jabs were aspiring goal setters. True, their goals might have been grander than ours, but the goal setting strategies applied to free a country, invent a revolutionary product or to lose 20...

Making a Career Change in Later Life

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  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” -Winston Churchill Countless people throughout the world wake up each morning daunted by the prospect of another long day at a job they hate.  Whether it is in a cramped cubicle, a morally questionable corporation, or a thankless underpaid position; people all-too-often endure terrible jobs for the simple reason that they feel trapped.  The prospect of unemployment is terrifying, the job market has not been strong in years, and the bills never stop piling up.  Yet, despite the perceived dangers of doing so, changing jobs later in life is not as reckless as it...

5 Ways To Be More Productive At Work

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Being more productive at work can have fantastic results. Promotions, recognition, or just simply getting more done at work to to be able to work less hours at home can all be benefits enjoyed when production is increased at work. Whether a person is an employee, or owns their own business, their level of productivity is directly related to their level of success in most situations. Here are a few tips to help you become more productive while working whether you are a high-paid forensic accountantor a student trying to complete your associates degree. Prioritize – Make A To Do List It’s easy to forget about things or to...

5 Tips To Convert Your Lazy Mind Towards Healthy Mind

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Laziness is really a frame of mind. If you are going to create a new beginning in the New Year, yet a thing usually brings you back, which a thing might be you. We decide our habits, including the sluggish ones. Keep reading to learn ways to quit being lazy and start moving out ahead!How you can Stop Being Lazy? How To Take Self-Confessions and Self-Reset Confess that you’re lazy Similar to any recuperation plan, step one at this point is confessing that you have a problem. If you cannot be prepared for it, you will not make any efforts to improve it. On the other hand, it’s not...

Using Strategy to Accomplish Your Dreams

Posted by in Goal Setting, Success | 3 comments

I bet you have some big dreams in life and you’re set on accomplishing them. And that’s awesome! In order to accomplish them, one of the most important things you need to do is to create and implement an effective strategy. Strategy plays a crucial role in making your dreams come true. Having good strategy is like setting a proper route to reach your destination, and obviously, without a proper route, you may not really get there. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to establish a coherent strategy for accomplishing their dreams. This leads them to taking chaotic actions, which don’t build up to something, or not taking action...