How to Appear Confident

Learning how to appear confident can be easy is you follow the might methods. Confidence is based on how sure of yourself you are internally. If you are sure of yourself and have positive beliefs then you will appear confident on the outside.

#1 Positive Beliefs

Write down what beliefs are holding you back in life. Now ask yourself why do you believe that? You will find out that it is nonsense most of the time. Instead replace them with positive beliefs by saying them to yourself regularly. Eventually they will totally replace the negative beliefs.

#2 Eye Contact

This is one of the basics that a lot of people get wrong. Maintaining good eye contact shows that you are interested in the person who is talking and that you are comfortable with yourself because your eyes do not dart everywhere like most peoples do.

#3 Change Your Look

Go and get a new set of clothes or change your hairstyle. This can make you feel cool and confident rather than the same old clothes day in day out.

#4 Visualizations

In whatever situation that you think you are going to have trouble with your confidence in, visualise strongly in your mind that situation going perfectly. See it from out of your own eyes. Use as many sense as possible and feel the actual feelings you will feel when it does go well. Joy, happiness, relief etc.

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