How To Eliminate Negative Feelings Forever

In this article, you’re going to learn how to eliminate strong negative feelings forever.  If you have strong negative feelings toward something or someone, that’s time, energy, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. 
I’m going to show you how to free up your time, energy, and resources so you can invest your time, energy, and resources in doing positive, constructive things.
These strong negative feelings could be attached to anything. 
Consider the following examples:
  • Strong feelings toward a coworker (the co-worker who rubs you the wrong way)
  • Strong feelings toward a parent (the parent who didn’t live up to your expectations)
  • Strong feelings toward an activity (the activity that you detest doing)
  • Strong feelings toward a boss (the boss you don’t like much)
  • Strong feelings toward a certain place (the place that reminds you of all those bad memories)
  • Strong feelings toward a past memory (thinking of it sends you into a negative state)
  • Strong feelings toward yourself (dwelling on past “failures”, feeling guilty, etc.)
  • Strong feelings of fear toward something (take a phobia of spiders for example)
This technology that I’m about to reveal to you is groundbreaking.  It is truly cutting-edge and it is mega-powerful.  Use this technique with caution because it removes all strong feelings.  This technique was originally developed to cure phobias and yet it can be used to eliminate ANY and ALL strong feelings.
Here’s the process. 
Imagine that you’re sitting in your mental movie theater.  In your mind’s eye, see up on the mental movie screen a movie IN BLACK & WHITE of the negative experience that triggers strong negative feelings within you.  So if I wanted to remove all feelings for someone, I would see a movie of this person.  See the picture IN BLACK & WHITE instead of color so that you stay calm and relaxed when seeing the mental movie.  Play the movie quickly forward.
At the very end of the movie, jump inside the movie and see it as if you were actually there.  See through your own eyes.  Hear through your own ears.  Feel as if you were there now.  See the movie IN COLOR. 
Now, with you still in the movie, run the movie backwards very fast IN COLOR.
Repeat this process.  Practice running the movie forward in black and white very fast on the mental movie screen to the very end, jumping in the film, seeing it in color, and running it very fast backward. 
What this process does is break up the structure of the strong negative feelings you had.  You must understand; for every feeling, there is a corresponding structure in your mind for that feeling.  For that strong negative feeling, there is a way that your brain is encoding that feeling.  By doing this process, you scramble the structure.  This causes the structure of the strong feelings to crumble and disappear.
Now if you do this process…say to get rid of a phobia of spiders…you won’t love spiders afterwards.  If you do this process to get over an ex-lover, you won’t absolutely love the ex-lover afterwards.  If you do this process to get over strong negative feelings toward a parent, you won’t necessarily love the parent.  When done successfully, you will feel neutral toward your subject.  You will feel an absence of feelings.  And that is how you know you’ve done it successfully.
This is a very powerful technique.  Use this to eliminate strong feelings that are holding you back.  With this technique, you can now be totally resourceful.
What you have just learned is a technique to eliminate strong negative feelings you may feel toward anything or anyone.  And now you can take your time, energy, and resources and go do something both positive and constructive.
That’s all for now…
Oh yeah, remember… You Are Unstoppable!


Kent Sayre is a worldwide persuasion expert and author of the bestselling book “Unstoppable Confidence” endorsed by such celebrity authors as Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, and Jim Rohn.


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