How To Never Be Offended Again

Here’s what I’ve found to be true.  Many people spend too much time out of every day, walking around, looking for things to be offended by. 
Here’s the deal – If you look hard enough for anything, you can find it.  You can find a needle in a haystack if you’re willing to search long enough and have the patience. 
The same goes for being offended.  If you put on your “let-me-find-a-way-to-be-offended” glasses and look out at the world with these lenses, you’ll find things to get aggravated about.
What are the “benefits” to this?  Being stressed out, uptight, maybe a stomach ulcer or two, high blood pressure, burning anger.  The list goes on…
But is it really worth it?  I think not.
Even just on your morning drive to work, there are more than a handful of ways to get offended.  And if you allow yourself to get offended, you’re letting others push your buttons. 
Let’s count some of the ways you can get offended on your morning drive to work:
  • The blue-haired lady driving the 1976 Cadillac too slowly in the fast lane
  • The guy who leaves his blinker on even though he’s not changing lanes
  • That ungrateful lout who wouldn’t give you the “wave” thank-you after you slowed down your car to let him merge into “your” lane
  • That maniac relentlessly riding your bumper
  • That woman in the car who is putting on her make-up (She looks like a clown with so much make up on!)
  • The distracted yahoo talking on his cell phone who’s weaving in and out of traffic
  • The semi-truck trailers who drive too slowly and are so large they even shouldn’t be on the road at all!  Harumph! 
Now, just a few of the ways you can be offended…if you choose to be…just on your way to work!  How did I generate this list, you ask?  I simply put on my “let-thy-self be offended” lenses and let it flow.  And I’m nearly certain I missed a few ways that you can be offended.
Here’s my point…that we find what we look for…and we delete counterexamples from our consciousness.  So let’s take off the “offend me” lenses and put on the “find-something-wonderful” lenses.
How many wonderful and amazing things can you find today that will surprise and delight you?  I’m betting you can find a bunch if you go looking for them.


Kent Sayre is a worldwide persuasion expert and author of the bestselling book “Unstoppable Confidence” endorsed by such celebrity authors as Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, and Jim Rohn.


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