Maximize Your Productivity With Lazer Focus

Where does it all end?

Are you like most people I know?


  1. They set goals,
  2. they do their best to do the right things,
  3. they become distracted,
  4. they loose focus,
  5. they become frustrated,
  6. and then, they finally give up.


Yes, they give up on their goals. What once seemed to be such a good idea is now just a hazy memory.

Isn’t that the path that you have followed too many times?

I come back to the axiom, “Knowing is half the battle.” Coming to the realization that this has been your response to many of your projects, why not stop the cycle and change your outcomes? I know my tendency in the end is going to be, to give up. So what systems can I put in place to minimize the inevitable from happening? Another axiom may be in order, “Let’s start at square one.”

I set my goal.


  1. It has to be specific
  2. It has to be measurable
  3. It must be attainable
  4. It must be realistic
  5. It must be time-bound.


I believe this is also sound advice, “plan your day, the night before.” Don’t wait until something lures you away from what is important. You will also want to list your top three-to-five priorities that you want to accomplish tomorrow. Write it down. Seriously, write it down.

A great goal to start a particular day may be, *To Exercise for 60 Minutes.*

Let’s see what this will look like:


  • Specific: Bench Press, Leg Squats, Military Press. Run on treadmill.
  • Measurable: 3 sets of 8 for each exercise (30 minutes), and treadmill workout (30 minutes).
  • Attainable: Can you accomplish this? yes
  • Realistic: Make it a routine. you know your limits.
  • Time-bound. Decide on a certain hour, which you will block-out in your day timer, and make sure to hold yourself accountable to make it happen.


Don’t waste another day.

Achieve your greatest self. Take your life and your business to the next level.

Plan, Focus, and Take Decisive Action.

Bill Baumgartner is a general manager for The Great Steak & Potato Company, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has previously served this company in the capacity of Franchise Supervisor, Training Director, and Regional Director of Operations.
Bill is also President of Gather Greatness, an internet-based company, dedicated to providing career direction and encouragement to its online and offline members. Started in October of 2007, Gather Greatness has grown from a handful of entrepreneurs, to a sizeable group of successful as well as aspiring business men and women.

Bill attended LaSalle High School in Cincinnati Ohio and is a graduate of Xavier University with a Degree from The Arts and Science Department, Majoring in Psychology.

Currently based in Hamilton Ohio, Bill lives with his wife Janice and three of their granddaughters, Alexis, Haley and Desrial.

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