Time Management – Setting Specific Goals Works

As an individual in this hectic world, time management is necessary to keep you on track. For example, it is not uncommon to sit at the computer to tackle business only to find yourself drifting away to check out what is happening on the web.

You may decide you need to stretch, grab a cup of coffee or to use the restroom. An hour goes by quickly and nothing has been accomplished. How can you effectively manage your time? One solution to time management is actually in the clock itself.

48 Minutes: You Are On!

Instead of giving yourself so many opportunities for distraction, put a time limit on it. One method to doing this is to use the formula of 48. Sit down at your desk and start your clock. In the next 48 minutes, work on your project wholeheartedly. Remove any temptation, too.

After your 48 minutes are up, you can spend the next 12 minutes on a break. This is where you get your drink, use the restroom, talk to your co-workers, or check out the world wide web. Keep in mind you only have 12 minutes. After the 12 minutes are done you need to get back to business no matter what.

Why do this? Practicing this method of time management allows you to really hone your mind’s abilities for at least that amount of time.

In 48 minutes, you may be able to accomplish a project, tackle something new or plan a strategy. It does not matter what your project is, how you work or the type of work you do. By concentrating for that amount of time in one area, you will see results.

Get More Done

One of the best reasons to use this or other time management methods is that it allows you to put your best efforts forward during this brief period of time. By doing this, you actually can do much more in that amount of time than you would if you were trying to do two, three or more things in that time.

For example, perhaps you have a blog post you need to write, emails to answer and a business meeting to arrange. If you focus on just one of those areas first, complete it and then move on, you will likely get more done.

The opposite happens if you try to hop around from task to task and back again. You lose focus and spend more time in the process.

In time management taking breaks are just as important as being well organized and on task. Keep these in mind and your time will be well used, and productive.

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