“Could It Really Be Possible To Stop Setting Goals and Actually Get Them For Once?”

Did you know that according to the last statistics only 12 percent of people, who set goals, achieve them? But that’s not all! Just three per cent of these people claim to achieve everything they have planned and be happy at the same time.

It means that 88% fail to achieve whatever goals they have chosen for themselves and three-thirds of those who achieve their goals, realize that they have wasted their efforts for nothing!

Now the real question is why most people undrestand importance of setting goals, know how to set them, have right skills and resources to achieve them and only 3% succeed?

If a single person fails to accomplish whatever he has planned for himself, it can be explained with his lack of will-power, focus, consistency, his inability to motivate himself, his tendency to procrastinate, his desire to pursue the wrong goal. By the way, this is what most self-help programs respond to the complaints of their customers – “If you did not get any results from using our super-cool program, you must have done it wrong!”

Now let’s be serious!

If 97% of population fails – something must be wrong with the system, not people who use it!

I am going to tell you a secret that only a few people know – on the day you were born you were given a kit with all the tools that you might need in order to find your life purpose, be happy and enthusiastic, create loving relationships, accomplish great goals, improve yourself and learn what you are truly capable of.

Otherwise, what is the point of you being born here?

You might disagree with me, but I do not believe that you came to this Planet, just to work 9-5 job, eat lunch, go home, sleep and go to the movies on the weekends.

Richard Bach wrote, “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true”.

We all have come to this Earth with certain mission. We all have right for happiness and success, not just a small group of some “lucky guys”. It means that:

  • YOU have the right to be happy and successful.
  • YOU have the power to make your dreams come true.
  • YOU have the potential to become a raging success in each and every business you start.

And don’t let anyone or anything hold you back and convince you otherwise!

So why is it that most of us crash and smash when it comes to setting and achieving our goals?

Because we do not have clear instructions of how to use efficiently what we have been given and how to make our shortcomings work to our benefit!

Let me explain this…

I have a one big flaw – I procrastinate till the last possible second and then perform miracles of productivity in the shortest period of time. It is an unfortunate trait of my character, because if there is a possibility to leave something for later I will do it.

If you are a procrastinator like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But does it mean that I will never be successful or achieve his goals on time?

Absolutely not!

It only means that procrastination is a part of the combination of qualities that make me who I am (I am not proud of it, but I am also not beating myself up for it). Theodor Roosevelt has once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” I have an inclination to procrastinate. What can I do with it? Choose a bunch of tasks that I dislike doing more than a task at hand and start procrastinating against them! Which makes me eagerly work on the task I needed to finish in the first place.

You too can learn how to achieve your goals your own way, using both your natural gifts and your shortcomings to your advantage. This is exactly what Real Goal Getting guide is about!

Introducing Real Goal Getting

Real Goal Getting is practical, easy to follow step-by-step guide that will help you attain your goals and overcome every obstacle t that stands in your way!

  • Even if you don’t have any willpower…
  • Even if you don’t have any time for goal setting…
  • Even if the word “planning” scares you to death…
  • Even if you have the unbeatable habit of putting things off…
  • Even if you failed all your New Years resolutions…

It does not matter. What matters is your desire to succeed.

You will discover:

  • Real Goal Getting Boiled Down To It’s Most Basic Principles (understanding this will set you apart from the crowds of “quick-fix seekers” and rocket you into the achievers league.)
  • How Choose The Right Goal For Yourself and Make Sure That It is In Line With Inner Values and Life Purpose (Attention! Most people think that they know it and get it wrong!)
  • The Nine Easy Fixes To Protect Yourself From Fear and Negativity and Develop a Strong Belief That You CAN Achieve Your Goal
  • Uncover The Dark Side of Positive Thinking That Can Sabotage Your Any Chances of Success (few people talk about it, but it is a real problem).
  • Four Specific Down-To-Earth Rules of Writing Your Goal Down In The Most Effective Way That Will Turn Your Subconscious Mind Into Your Alley, Not Your Enemy
  • Discover Why Success Rituals Are Crucial For Your Success and How To Set Your Goal Setting Process on Autopilot
  • How To Your Intensify and Maintain High Level of Motivation By Finding Your Most Important Wish
  • Why You Should Be Using Your Weaknesses To Your Own Benefit, Instead of Wasting Your Energy On Fixing Them (this is almost too easy but you’ll be amazed at the result)
  • A Few Sneaky Psychological Techniques That Will Allow You to Overcome Mental Resistance and Trick Your Mind into Doing What You Know Is Right Without Having to “Should” on Yourself.
  • Troubleshooting Section That Will Help You To Overcome Any Possible Challenge That You Might Encounter While Pursuing Your Goal (including procrastination, lack of time, stress, and temptation to give up)

Real Goal Getting Includes 9 Worksheets That Make It Even Easier For You To Convert Yourself From Dreamer Into Doer!

Don’t worry! It is nothing like homework that you had to do in High school.

You will receive 9 pretty-looking separate worksheets with some really good questions, specifically developed by psychologists and self-help titans to help you to understand yourself, your goals and your strengths better.

Some of the will take only a few minutes to do, some will require a little bit more creativity and self-reflection. They are one of the most important and valuable parts of the book, so make sure that your do them!

Ok, So What’s The Price?

How much is this information worth to you? How much are you willing to invest to create the life of your dreams? $10,000? $5,000? $500? To me it has been priceless.

The cost of the Real Goal Getting program is just $27!

“You’re Protected By 100% Rock-Solid Guarantee”

Get Real Goal Getting guide today – download it, study it, do the exercises, take notes then apply the information that you have learned into your life (even if it is just a little bit a day) …

If you aren’t completely satisfied, feel that it is too much work or if you aren’t convinced that this information will benefit you in any way, then just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full without question for the next 60 days.

That’s not just a guarantee it’s a promise!

If you have any questions or comments just drop me a line at arina (at) goal-setting-guide.com.

To your success,