5 Easy Ways to Ensure You Take a Break

If you truly want to become successful then it is essential that you master the skill of effective time management and learn to gain complete control of how you spend every moment of your day.

If you want to be able to develop as a person and take the steps necessary to reach your goals it is a skill you must attain and one which has many techniques. One of those key elements is being able to boost your mind by taking breaks from whatever you are doing. You must develop a planned routine that includes regular times for getting away from the task at hand and recharging your batteries.

Here are five useful tips to help you to do so:

Blocks of Time

For any specific task decide exactly how long you are going to work on it, say 30 minutes, then when that time is up stop what you are doing. Take a short break and then go back to it or start on something else. When you use this method you must stick rigidly to the time you have set and stop regardless of what stage your work is at. So you must plan it carefully – only you can know when it is practical to take a break.

Start and Finish Times

Set specific start and finish times for your activities and stick to them. You will then learn how much work makes up a working day and so become more effective at managing your time and putting a value on it. Always finish promptly at the time you have set for the end of your day.

Feed Yourself

Take a regular break for lunch. Have a set time and duration for it and ensure you take time to do something totally unconnected from your current task. You should never work through lunch; you need the time to nourish your body, and your mind!

Short Breaks

Schedule into your day other short breaks of perhaps 10 minutes at a time. This is particularly important if you are working at a computer or doing other work requiring high levels of concentration. It will boost your energy and improve your concentration levels. And it will ensure that you stay healthy!

No Unplanned Breaks

Avoid taking unscheduled breaks. It is essential that you are able to avoid interruptions and you must set rules accordingly. For example have set times for checking emails and stick to them. You must also ensure that your family, friends, and work colleagues understand when you are working on a particular task and cannot be interrupted. Instead agree with them that you will have time set aside for them during the day. Your breaks must always be planned!

Making time for yourself will help to boost your levels of concentration and keep you focused on the tasks that you have to complete. It will also help to keep you healthy and so enable you to work effectively at all times.

So take a break!

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