5 Effective Ways to Improve Attitude – RIGHT NOW!

5 Effective Ways to Improve Attitude - RIGHT NOW! All of us need a pick me up now and again. Things may not go our way or something negative may bring us down. It can be a challenge to stay positive among the ongoing challenges we face. Therefore, here are some tips to improve your attitude and be a more positive person – RIGHT NOW! These are steps you CAN take to create an immediate shift in your attitude. And if you practice some or all of these regularly, that positive attitude will begin to come more and more naturally to you.

1. Gratitude

Write a list of all of the things you are grateful for right now. This isn’t always an easy task when we have been depressed or negative for so long but there are always things to be grateful for whether it is that you have food to eat or limbs to move. For more lasting results, decide that everyday, you will make a note of at least one thing you are grateful for. Writing these down will have the added impact of providing a reference to look back on when your attitude needs a boost.

2. Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING that happens, happens for a reason. If you begin to evaluate every situation that challenges you and look at how it could be a benefit rather than a detriment to you, you will begin to change your attitude. If you are stuck in traffic, perhaps it is because it is causing you to avoid an accident you may otherwise have had. If you lost a job, maybe it is because you couldn’t have a new opportunity present itself until you did, or maybe there is a valuable lesson you need to learn from that job loss. Every situation can be looked at from two perspectives, the positive and the negative. If you practice finding the positive reason for everything, you will change your attitude about everything.

3. RAKS – Random Acts of Kindness.

When we take time away from our own crappy negative attitude to do something nice for someone else, it can really improve our attitude immediately. Buy someone you don’t know a cup of coffee, smile to a stranger in line, send a complement to someone you care about, send a thank you card for excellent service received.

4. Exercise

I know this one sucks but it honestly has a major immediate response to a negative attitude. By getting our body to move, it releases chemicals in our brains that are much needed mood enhances. Even dancing counts so have some fun with it and dance to some great music right away!

5. Celebrate your successes

Think of all of the things you have been successful doing in your life. Just like the gratitude, you can start small, however, this is not the time to “ya, but” yourself. Take full credit for everything you have done and then celebrate! Really celebrate. Put on some great music, jump up and down, party like you just won the lottery! Success can come in many shapes and sizes from graduating from school, buying a house, starting a business to exercising today, eating healthy today, getting up on time today.

6. Watch, read or listen to someone inspiring

Seeing where others have come from helps us to realize that our lives aren’t so bad or that we can do it too. Find a favorite video or source of inspiration and watch it now for immediate attitude shift and regularly for permanent attitude shift.

7. Humor

Humor, much like exercise can cause the release of chemicals within our brains and help us to focus on something other than our negative attitude. Even the most humorless people can get benefit from laughing out loud.

We are all amazing individuals and have every right to have a positive attitude. These tips are easy to implement and can result in immediate benefits as well as foster lasting change. If more of us can have a positive attitude, the world will be a better place!

Nicole Bandes guides people through the road blocks of life and assists them to detour around the negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back. If you are looking for a Personal GPS Navigation system for your own life, contact Nicole through her website at http://www.NicoleBandes.com.