5 Steps to Inner Peace

Life is meant to be joyous, peaceful, and prosperous!

How did you feel when you read that just now? I find that when we hear the Truth, it really resonates with us. And peace is the Truth of you.

So why don’t more of us enjoy inner peace on a regular basis? It seems that many have becomedisconnected from the peace they’re meant to enjoy. And it’s pretty easy to see how this happens when you look closely at the thoughts and behaviors that most people engage in.

Here’s the good news! There are 5 things you can do right now to re-claim your inner peace!

Step #1: Choose to enjoy each moment!

Have you ever noticed how peaceful you feel after engaging in some activity you love? Perhaps it was watching a beautiful sunset, or engaging in a favorite hobby, or doing that part of your work that you absolutely love doing. The reason you feel so much peace is that you when you were engaged in that activity, you were fully present. You weren’t distracted by things that had happened before or worried about what you had to do next. You were fully living that moment.

So in order to feel peace, give your full attention to whatever you’re doing right now. And then to whatever you’re doing in the moment after that. You get the idea here. If you do this you will have alifetime of peaceful moments.

Step #2: Choose to see the world as a safe, loving place

Albert Einstein once said “The biggest decision you will ever make in your life is whether you live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Which have you chosen? And which might be the better choice if you’d like to enjoy inner peace?

If you’re not at peace, choose again. Until I brought this to your attention, you may never have even realized you’d made this choice in the first place. Now that you have this new level of awareness, you’re able to make a conscious choice!

Step #3: Choose to release judgment

Until they really stop and take a look at this, most people don’t realize that the constant judgments we make move us away from peace. This takes a little observation on your part. How aware are you of the judging thoughts you have about people and things? For many, it’s a constant stream that consist of thousands of thoughts a day. Everything from “I don’t like her haircut,” to “She’s too bossy,” to “He doesn’t make good decisions,” to “That’s just wrong.”

There are some immediate benefits to releasing your need to judge. One is that you reclaim a lot of time and energy that you’ve been investing in this activity. And who doesn’t want more time and energy in their life! The other benefit is a much greater sense of peace. Judging others is as far from who you really are as you can get.

Start to observe your thoughts. And notice how different your level of peace is when you are accepting than when you’re judging someone or something.

Step #4: Choose Appreciation and Gratitude

Did you know that gratitude is the vibrational match to everything you desire? In my abundance work with clients, we spend a LOT of time focusing on gratitude. And if you look at the habits of people enjoying happy, peaceful, and prosperous lives, you’ll see that they spend a lot of time thinking about what they’re grateful for.

What have you noticed about your sense of peace when you’re in a grateful state? And how much time do you commit to “being in gratitude?” I notice that many people seem to spend a lot more time thinking and talking about things they’re not happy about than celebrating things they appreciate. And when people consciously choose to reverse this habit, their level of peace increases immensely!

Step #5: Choose to release worry

Worry is such an interesting thing! We all know that something like 97% of the things we worry about never happen, and yet so many of us choose to keep doing it. It’s such a futile activity because when we do it we’re literally choosing to use our precious present moments to think about a moment that doesn’t even exist.

Here’s the great news. If you choose to take steps 1-4 above, you’ll find yourself worrying less and less. If you’re focused on the current moment, you can’t be worrying at the same time. And by seeing the Universe as “friendly” to you, there is really nothing to worry about! Releasing judgment also allows you to see what’s coming in your future in a more neutral way, without having to judge any change in circumstances as “bad.” And choosing to focus on gratitude leaves very little room in your head for “worry!”

Take the first step today! Your inner peace awaits you!

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