5 Time Savers You (Probably) Haven’t Tried Yet

1. Do tasks less frequently

Clean house every 10 days rather than every 7. Run a report every 6 weeks instead of every 4 weeks. Hold a meeting twice a month instead of every week.

2. Race yourself

Look at the clock & commit to have the task done by a specific time. You’ll stay focused, avoid distractions & probably work with higher quality.

3. Make the most of 15 minutes

Can you find an extra 15 minutes in your day to use more effectively? Is there “wasted” time you can eliminate or a lower-valued task you can cut? Saving 15 minutes a day gives you a whopping 91 extra hours a year!

4. Have a list of small, easy tasks that take only a few minutes

Normally, of course, we want to work on big, important projects first. But often when we’re stuck, tired, upset or overwhelmed, it’s hard to get anything done & we waste time spinning our wheels. A list of small or micro tasks will help you to get something done and will jumpstart your productivity. And of course, it’s better to get even a small task done than nothing!

5. Work on a task or project for a certain amount of time

Instead of trying to complete a task at one time, say to yourself, “I’ll work on this for 15 minutes and see how much I can get done.” Stay focused and challenge yourself to really get as much done as possible. (This tip is especially effective for a task or project you’ve been putting off.)

Shari Peace is an international speaker and author who helps people and organizations get more done with less stress. She can be reached at http://www.sharipeace.com