5 Tips For Adult Students to Succeed in Distance Learning

Many working adults who plan to complete a degree they have started, but not completed have chosen to continue their education through a distance learning program. But, being the working adults who need to focus in their study at the same time will need skills and techniques to help them achieve the success. If you are earning a certification or degree through a distance learning program, the 5 tips below can be your success references:

Tip #1: Develop a time management strategy

Most adult students are working individuals who have family obligations and other responsibilities to be full-filled. Allocating time for each task can be a challenge for them. Fortunately, distance learning programs give the most flexibilities for adult students to fit their study into a schedule that does not crash with other tasks. You need to create a schedule upfront that dedicates specific times to make progress for your distance learning program without affecting other responsibilities, and you have to stick to this schedule.

Tip #2: Make the most from online discussions

Since online discussions are the main form of communication for distance learning. You have to maximize the use of these threaded discussions for your own benefit. Try to enjoy the interaction with other students through online discussion because it helps to develop the relationships with online classmates. You will learn more from sharing and interaction with other online students by participating actively in the online discussion. In fact, the survey results found from successfully distance learners showed students will be able to retain knowledge or what they have learned in classes by applying the knowledge to their work or in threaded discussions. Therefore, if you want to be a success distance learner, be sure to make the most out from online discussions.

Tip #3: Make asking questions useful in learning

Learn through asking questions have been proven statistical work in learning. Students who ask the right questions and get the answers tend to retain the knowledge they have learned in the online classroom. Successful adult learners will make their efforts to research and craft questions to engage among the peers and instructors. Therefore, you should try to make asking question useful in learning.

Tip #4: Stay motivated

One of the key factors that drive an adult student to complete his/her distance learning program is to stay motivated. You need to stay motivated, through the desire to complete the distance learning program successfully and to earn the degree or certificate for a better career future. One way to keep your motivated is to team up with a few of your online classmates and motivate each other to finish assignments and complete projects on time.

Tip #5: Make connection with fellow students

Although your purpose of enrolling into a distance learning program is to get graduated and earn a degree or certificate, the value of interacting with other students should also be stressed. Making connection with fellow students and stay connected through threaded discussions will help you to progress through your learning smoothly.


Working adults who go back to study through distance learning need to equip themselves with the necessary skills and techniques if they want to complete their study program successfully. Use the above 5 tips as your references to become a success adult student to earn a degree or certification through a distance learning program.

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