Building Habits 15 Minutes at a Time

We often dream, make plans and set goals.  However, how often do we actually achieve our dreams, complete our plans and fulfill our goals? More often than not, we start off excitedly, then slow down a little because we are tired, and finally get so overwhelmed by the many tasks that we have fallen behind on that our dreams and plans come to a halt.  Sometimes, it takes more than pure motivation to move forward, and we need a structure to create our pathway to success.  This structure is known as habit, and we can build our habits 15 minutes a day, and we will be able to work towards our dreams and achieve our goals in no time.

You probably have set your goals and worked through your plans many times already.  Now it is time to really review your goals and plans.  How realistic and feasible are your goals and plans?  Are you trying to do too much in too little time, such that you feel overwhelmed and hence, not able to move forward?  Maybe it is time now to re-look at your goals and plans.  You can dream big, and place foundations to your dreams to make your ‘castles in the air’ a reality.

Set your goals with feasible time-lines and achievable targets.  With solid goals, you would be able to work out your plans.  Break up the tasks into smaller milestones or simpler assignments.  Make it easier to work on.  Try working on it in 15-minute blocks.  You may find yourself being able to work through your tasks feeling more accomplished than overwhelmed.

Establish a habit to just spend 15 minutes on each of your tasks.  If you find that you have many things to handle at a go, why not focus on just one main task, breaking it up into smaller achievable assignments that you could accomplish in 15 minutes.

After all, getting 15 minutes of something done is better than getting nothing done at all, isn’t it?

Christine Ng is a Professional Coach, helping people achieve their goals, manage personal finances and find their passion in their career. Visit PauseToStart website at or Blog at http://aguidetolife.wordpress.comtoday for resources to living a fulfilling life!