Collect Your Successes – It’ll Bring Value to Your Life Even When You’re in the Valley

We all know that without the valley there wouldn’t be any real significant value when we experience the mountain top, but that doesn’t mean we like being in the valley for to long. But, there is value in the valley, and sometimes you just have to create it.

During challenging times it can be really tough to believe that we can make it through and even doubt that any progress is being made. But I’m advocating that each of us reflect on what’s going well and keep our minds stayed on that by doing what I like to call: Collecting your Successes.

Think for a moment about what you did today and yesterday that brought you and your goals closer to a shared reality? Did you make some phone calls, join or update your social networking sites, write a few pages in your book, or business plan, cut costs, walked farther today and drank less soda? These are your success moments. From Oprah, many of us re-discovered the value of keeping a gratitude journal. I’m suggesting that one way to discover value in the valley is through creating a Daily Success Journal.

To keep it simple I recommend that you print out a calendar with the whole month on one sheet. You can easily write 2 success observations per day in the squares provided. If you want more room, and you already keep a journal, than just jot down 3-5 success moments in your current journal. Then, on Sunday, look back at those things you’ve done to keep you moving forward. You will be pleasantly surprised at all of the value you’re bringing to your life and your goals.

Sometimes it’s hard to see your successes especially when there’s nobody around to acknowledge the little things that eventually make the big thing possible. Take a moment and really see yourself as the success you are on a daily basis. You will truly be surprised by all of the value you’re bringing to your life.

You deserve it. The valley may have more shadows than the mountain top, but you can still see your way through by collecting your successes and moving forward day by day.

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