15 Things You Should Do To Conceive A Healthy Baby

healthy babyWe can divide couples who are trying to conceive into roughly two groups. One is the “don’t stress and obsess” category – these couples are happy to take things as they come, and don’t do anything special to increase their odds of getting pregnant as soon as possible. The other group is more organized, and take proactive steps to invite the stork into their home as soon as possible. Here are 15 tips for couples who would like to do as much as they can to take charge of their fertility and get pregnant as fast as they can.

1) The first step anyone who would like to conceive should take is looking critically at their lifestyle, and considering if there are any unhealthy habits they could leave behind. People who smoke and drink are less likely to get pregnant, and the food you eat directly impacts your fertility too. A healthy diet and lifestyle is important for both men and women who would like to have a baby.

2) Start taking a prenatal supplement, including folic acid. Prenatal vitamin tablets are most helpful for those who have a less than ideal diet, but everyone can benefit. Folic acid supplements have been shown to decrease a baby’s chances of developing birth defects, and are very important. You can start taking folic acid around three weeks before you ditch the birth control to make sure it’s in your system when you conceive.

3) If you are overweight or underweight, you might not be as fertile. Check your body mass index (BMI) before you start trying to conceive, and undertake appropriate steps to either lose weight or gain it if necessary.

4) Use an ovulation calendar to predict the approximate date you will ovulate. Ovulation calendars use a mathematical calculation to determine when you are most likely to be fertile, and the more data you enter, the better your chances that your ovulation date will be accurately calculated.

5) Ovulation tests are handy tools that you can use at home to determine exactly when you are fertile. Much like at-home pregnancy tests, they work by detecting relevant hormones in your urine. These tests can be used in combination with an ovulation calendar.

6) Charting to conceive is another fertility tracking method that uses your basal body temperature to find out when you are most fertile. If you want to give this a try, there are many online fertility charting services that will help you gain insights into your fertility.

7) Cervical mucus can provide a lot of information about where in your cycle you are. If you are not disgusted by bodily fluids, this is a great method to look into.

8) Make love whenever you feel like it. When you are trying to conceive, sex can turn into a chore sometimes. There are studies to show that too little sex can harm your chances of conceiving, but that too much isn’t good either. Being intimate with your partner when you both want to, plus a few times more while you are ovulating, may be the best approach to getting pregnant.

9) Keep in mind that sperm can survive in the female body for up to five days, and that having intercourse before you start ovulating also increases your chances of getting pregnant. With this in mind, make sure to schedule some cosy nights in during the days before your predicted ovulation, too!

10) Some women swear that putting their legs up in the air, and putting a pillow under their bum, for around half an hour after intercourse gives their partner’s swimmers a head start. If it doesn’t help, it will not do any harm, either!

11) Stress and fear can have a negative effect on both male and female fertility. Therefore, planning some relaxing time together to unwind from all the stresses of daily life might just increase your chances of having a baby. And spending intimate time together could lead to love-making too, of course.

12) Did you know that the missionary position is the best one for getting pregnant? Your partner’s sperm will be closer to their destination when you have sex with the man on top. Of course, this does not mean that you have to spend your entire “session” like that – as long as you end up in the missionary position at the crucial moment, your chances of having a baby will be boosted.

13) Men who want to become fathers should avoid wearing tight underwear, especially made from synthetic materials. Wearing loose, cotton underpants or boxers ensures that a man’s scrotum are at their optimum temperature, and that his sperm count is the best it can be.

14) There is some evidence that suggests that women who have an orgasm after their partner ejaculated have better chances of getting pregnant. Ensure that your partner pleases you too, and you could be having pregnancy signs and symptoms in no time!

15) Finally, some medications can affect your chances of conceiving, and others are unsafe for a fetus. If you are on any medication at all, tell your doctor that you are planning to try for a baby and check whether your medication is safe to use during pregnancy, and whether it could be decreasing your fertility.