Do Everything You Love and Still Go to Work!

One of the biggest problems in beginning to enjoy your interests is the guilt that comes with thinking that there are better uses of your time. If you ran off to learn how to juggle who would go to work, go to school, write that paper, watch the kids and walk the dog while you play with your balls! All rank higher on your list of things to do than pursuing your personal interest, and for good reason. These things need to get done. What kind of irresponsible person would you be if you didn’t take care of these needs? Well, what kind of irresponsible person would you be if you didn’t take care of your personal needs? We take care of our needs everyday. We eat, we sleep, we take showers (hopefully) but what about the other needs, what your heart needs and I don’t mean foods with no trans fat!

Your heart needs to indulge in its desires and a little indulgence will go a long way to help actually wake the comatose zombie you assigned to these daily tasks…YOU! Don’t believe me? Think about all the times your were ever in class or at work feeling so bored and so tired that you could hardly keep your eyes open but as soon as lunchtime rolled around you were instantly rejuvenated, energized as if someone pumped caffeine into your veins. That extra energy comes from allowing your heart to have some of what it desires and at that time it desired to not be stuck at that desk! It is that extra energy that gets us through the afternoon and all the way to quitting time.

Giving in a little to your personal interest will also make the daily tasks more enjoyable. You’ll perform them with pep in your step and a smile on your face because you’ll have some playtime to look forward to. And if you weren’t aware…a happier you is a more productive you. Even big corporations know that, that’s why there is plenty in place to keep workers happy such as unions, Human Resources, incentives, bonuses and perks. When you’re happy you’ll churn out those reports at work and school faster, actually play with the kids instead of just supervising them and take the dog for longer walks, all because you’re happier. Indulging in your personal interests will also help you give your all to the tasks at hand. You won’t need to reserve any of yourself for daydreaming and wishing because you’ll be a doer and everyone will benefit!

That all sounds great, you say, but what about the issue of time? I thought you’d never ask! Exactly how much time do you spend watching television every day, and commuting to and fro, and doing tasks that can easily be done by other or with less urgency. Add all that time together. I’ll wait…look at how much extra time you have to enjoy what you love! Now I’m not suggesting that you don’t watch TV or get where you need to go or perform necessary tasks in a timely manner but I will tell you the ultimate secret: we live in the wonderful age of multitasking and with the right recipe it can all be possible!

While you’re watching TV crack open the laptop and surf the internet for any local clubs, groups or centers for that sport you were always interested in trying. When you’re on the bus or the train whip out some good ol’ pen and paper and start writing that novel that you have been waiting for and endless amount of free time to write. If you drive, please don’t try to write with your feet, just think about what the next steps need to be for you to enjoy the personal interest of your choice and keep your eyes on the road!

And finally, understand that everything isn’t urgent. Every task isn’t a fire that needs to be put out, unless you’re a firefighter, if that’s the case what are you waiting for?? PUT THE FIRE OUT!!! For everyone else prioritizing and delegating is the key to free time. With a little planning you can enjoy all of your interests and indulge in your heart’s desires Everything doesn’t have to be number one on your list of things to do and everything doesn’t have to be done by you either. I’m sure someone else can make that trip to the supermarket once in a while. You don’t need to suffer because you have responsibilities. You can juggle your balls while still getting the necessities taken care of.

Candice Batson is a world traveler, dare devil, and professional Newbie! She advises aspiring Newbies on how to live the full life they never dreamed possible through practical means.
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