Effective Time Management For 2010 and Beyond!

Are you struggling to get things done? Do you wish you could get the most out of your time? If so, then reading this entire article will be very important for you. I’m going to reveal the simple strategies of effective time management so you fully maximize your time.

But first I would like to discuss 5 ways we lose control our time on a daily basis…

1. We Accidentally Lose Minutes and Purposely Throw Away Hours

You do this so much that you may have become completely blind that you’re doing it daily. you accidentally lose minutes when your focus drifts away from what you should be doing.

Like when you find yourself day dreaming while you’re working at your desk. By the day’s end you probably lose many minutes because of the lack of focus at times.

So how exactly do you purposely throw away hours? Well, when you decide to exchange a productive activity for a no-brainier activity that’s when you end up losing hours.

How many times have you decided put off an important project to instead go hang out with your friends. If you’re like me than it’s happened plenty of times. And it’s very detrimental towards effective time management.

2. We Don’t Plan or Prioritize Our Day Before It Starts

if you don’t plan out your day before hand, how will you know if you were as productive as you could be?

By not planning out your day you’re leaving the activities for the day up to memory. And how many times have you been like “ah shoot! I forgot to pickup my suit at the cleaners!”

This could be avoided with better planning and prioritization.

3. Our Time is Literally Stolen

This is where daily distractions such as people, pets, telephone calls, checking email, etc rob you of your time. Many people realize how much of their time is being stolen daily.

You must know what’s robbing you of your time if you’re going to fully maximize your time.

4. We Let Urgency Take Precedence Over Our Priorities

It’s understandable that urgency are highly important and you must tend to them. But that doesn’t mean you should allow urgency to suck away all the time you need for your priorities!

You must figure an efficient way to handle urgency so you can quickly get back to what is truly important with your time.

5. We Procrastinate and Put Important Things Off Until Later

I’ve said millions of times. And I’ll say it again. Procrastination is the killer of your goals and lifestyle of your dreams. Procrastination is like a sickly disease that can be highly contagious. Just being around lazy people can make you lazy too!

Here are just a few reasons why you might procrastinate: You sense no urgency with the activity, you don’t find the activity fun or pleasant to do, the activity is outside of your comfort zone and it doesn’t come easy for you, fear of failure, you don’t perceive the real value of the activity, you lack the knowledge you need to get it done right now…

Now that I’ve discussed the 5 ways in which we lose control of our time, I would like to discuss the simple strategies you can use the effectively manage your time better:

1. Force Yourself to Focus On the Present
2. Plan Out the Hour Blocks of Your Day
3. Learn to Delegate Time Consuming Activities That Can Wisely Be Delegated
4. Identify Time Robbers and Figure a Way to Handle Them
5. Plan and Prioritize Your Day Before it Starts. Then Prioritize the Activities by Their Importance.

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