Five Unexpected Steps to Breaking the Procrastination Habit

I almost didn’t write this article. There were so many interesting things to do, like check email and watch funny videos on YouTube. After all, there is always tomorrow for work.

Procrastination. It’s a nasty habit. It takes your life, creativity, and self worth and trashes them.

What are you supposed to do about it? Don’t you just love the suggestion to Just Do It? Like you hadn’t thought of that. From someone who slays this dragon daily here are five tips that may surprise you.

Change your focus. 
Stop thinking about how much you have to do. Focus instead on how great you will feel when you complete the task or project. Every time you start thinking about this unfinished project looming over you, switch your thoughts to how you will feel when it is complete.

Instead of struggling to resist distractions, try ignoring them instead. Ever decided you weren’t going to have sweets for a week? You start craving donuts when you don’t even like them! It is the same with distractions. It seems crazy, but focusing on the distraction makes it even harder to resist. Just relax and shift your focus to what you do want.

Get over yourself. 
Did you know that procrastinators are closet perfectionists? We are famous for taking on enormous tasks and then being surprised when we feel completely overwhelmed.

Let go of your expectation and disappointment with yourself. Beating yourself up over your faults only makes your procrastination habit worse.

You can’t do it all so quit trying. You really don’t have to be involved in all the things you are doing. You can drop some or delegate them. By concentrating on one thing, you increase the likelihood of success.

Phone a friend. 
Why do you suppose they put the option to phone a friend on the television show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” It is because you can’t know or do everything and sometimes you just need a little help.

Accountability is critical to destroying procrastination. Choose a trusted friend to help you stay on track. Better yet, hire a business or life coach to help you see what you are missing. The rapid progress you will make as a result will shock you.

What do you believe? 
Learn what motivates you. Not what you think motivates you, but what really lurks below the surface. Frequently our beliefs and values don’t line up with our goals. You may have a goal to make more money, but if you place a higher value on spending time with your family, you won’t make much progress. Tie your goals to your values, and you will be able to move forward.

Increase your motivation without trying. 
We all know the disasters that happen in our lives when all the little things that we didn’t take care of add up. You’ve got them too. They can be anything from broken relationships to financial crisis and everything in between.

Here’s some good news. The same principle holds true for good decisions. Just doing one thing each day adds up in a hurry. Suddenly you have completed an entire project, ahead of time! The surge of energy, creativity and plain old relief you get from finish something you have been procrastinating on is addicting. Trust me; you will want more of it.

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