Focus – The Art of Concentration & Creation?

What does a person mean when they say “I’m Focused?”

l hear the word “focus” bandied around all the time.

Focus. That’s the advice that I hear Coaches give to their athletes. 
Focus. That’s what I have heard teachers say to their students. 
Focus. That’s what successful business people say when someone asks them how they became successful.

“I just focused.”

Even if you ask a successful athlete or business person, “what do you do to focus?” Or “how do you focus?” Some might answer that question by saying something like, I worked hard, I studying hard or I practiced a lot. Which at first glance, all seem to be fairly logical ways of answering that question?

But when you really think about it, those answers still leave a lot of unanswered questions like; you focused on what specifically, and how specifically, and how often, and for how long? The reality is that successful people, how ever you define success, have a tendency to focus in very specific ways.

Often they themselves are unaware of the mental and emotional processes, that they go though, that causes them to get the results that they want. So they can’t necessarily describe it to someone else, other than using words like, Focus.

And unfortunately, that word is a less than adequate explanation for the very real wealth of what they actually do. And it can leave anyone trying to follow that advice feeling more than a little lost.

We can look at successful focused people, and from the outside looking in, they may seem untouchable, perhaps so far away from our present situation that it’s paralyzing to those of us, who want what they seem to have.

Of course it might also be inspiring; looking at them, may be the very thing that gets you motivated and up out of your chair and into action.

People often ask me, do successful people ever have a bad day, do they ever worry, feel doubt or stuff up? The answer of course is YES! All human beings feel a full range of emotions, regardless of who they are, where they live or what’s in their bank account. But there IS something that successful people do, that less successful people do not do… they focus in a very specific way.

The Good News

The good news is that, their results can be replicated, because today we understand the many secrets that were once locked inside that particular vault. When I’m talking about Focus, I’m talking about two specific areas:

The first one is their mental focus. When I say that, I’m not talking about intellect. I’m talking about the internal representations that they make to themselves; what they visualize, what they hear as they imagine that and how that makes them feel. Including what they expect and what they believe.

The second part is the practical application of that; the way they behave how they use their time and where they put their energy and attention.

The big secret in this regard is that everything that we value, think, feel or remember, are all made up of certain elements, much in the same way that a raging river is really made up of trillions of individual H2O molecules.

As a species we already understand water, both it’s power and it’s potential, and we freely redirect it into things as diverse as drinking water on the one hand, and nuclear energy on the other. 
So in the same way that we can redirect and change the use of water, with training these mental elements can easily be redirected and changed as well. Freeing a person to achieve what ever is important to them.

To see the video from David entitled Focus – On What and How? click here.

David Martin
Helping People Prosper