Class of 2011: Get a Career Started, Now!

A slow walk down the aisle, the careful ascension to a stage: the time has finally come. A diploma is offered to you: you have earned it through years of mastery and the exchanges of ink and opinions. You’re graduating, soon to leave a campus behind and seek a career. The world must now be conquered, industry must be claimed, and you’re… terrified.

A ceremony seems far less appealing than it did mere minutes ago.

New graduates often find themselves overwhelmed by the future. The thrill of a degree is undone by the worry of employment. Searching for a job seems to be the most unlikely of tasks — with all former friends becoming new rivals for the same positions, battling for success. It’s a challenge to be noticed among the many; it’s a strain to discover chances; and individuals can quickly fall into despair.

You don’t have to.

Instead you can learn to take advantage of social sites and online aids, allowing yourself to find the career you’ve always desired (even if you aren’t certain what that desire truly is):

Experience Wanted

A collection of peculiar talents, a wealth of strange courses: an education has been defined by unexpected pursuits; and, while these were fulfilling once, they seem to be pointless now — unable to offer any obvious careers or goals. You think you’ve wasted your time. You haven’t.

Less than typical credits (which could never be cobbled together for anything more than pleasure) can be used to your advantage. Visit Experience, an online organization that offers students the chance to explore their interests and learn how they can be applied. Resumes are examined. Talents are understood. It’s a unique notion of tailoring a job to you, rather than changing yourself for a job.

LinkedIn and Ready

Confusion dominates the moments after graduation — when the joy has faded and all that remains is panic. You’re no longer a child; you’re instead proof of an education; and you must seek a career. But choosing your path seems to be impossible. There are too many potentials and too few certainties.

With LinkedIn, however, those certainties are magnified. Offering the chance to connect with employers, this site enables graduates to discover opportunities. Networks are available, listing companies, positions and information. This is essential in erasing worry and gaining trust in the future. The site even features a Career Explorer option, which can map out possible paths, providing details and essential resources.

iHipo Happiness

Familiar miles and easy distances, your world has been shaped to the too-traveled borders. A campus was once your universe; now it’s becoming a memory, replaced to wanderlust. Finding a career abroad is a notion you’ve considered often. Such a notion can finally become a reality, however.

With iHipo, you can seek out international listings, internship opportunities, accelerated study programs and more. The site specializes in foreign placements, and for those needing an adventure it can prove to be ideal. Understand all options and seek them out.


Finding a career doesn’t have to be a terror. It can instead be simplified. Use the benefits of virtuality to understand yourself, your talents and what you ultimately desire.