Goal Setting – 5 Secrets to Help You Reach ALL of Your Goals

More often than not when people learn about all the projects I manage at once, and notice that I actually COMPLETE them… they always ask me the same question, “How do you get all this stuff done?” For me, it boils down to a simple process that I go through every time I set a goal for myself. Whether the goal is to get in better shape (like losing 4 pounds in the last 10 days), launch a new program, create a new website, meet a particular expert or publish a book… the process is always the same.

Now, before I share my process with you, let me assure you that “I” don’t get all this stuff done. I do some of it, and my fantastic (and growing) team does the rest. Many people are shocked to find out that I rarely work on Fridays, don’t work on weekends and still have plenty of time to go to the gym six times per week, cook for my family and play with my daughter (Hi-Ho-Cherry-O is her favorite game). And, I take at least two vacations a year, not including a whole bunch of weekend family trips. For me, this is the only way to run a business… so that it doesn’t run you.

Anyway, let’s get into my five-step strategy to help you achieve all of your goals:

1. Know WHY You Want To Achieve The Goal.

Any goal worth achieving has to have deep roots in your heart. You’ve got to know exactly WHY this goal is important to you. Because, let’s face it. You’ll most likely hit a few stumbling blocks along your way to achieving this goal, and sometimes you may want to quit. But, if you are deeply connected to the reason WHY the goal is important to you, nothing can hold you back.

2. Be Crystal Clear About Your Vision.

Once you know WHY you want to achieve the goal, the next step is to enjoy taking some time to clarify your vision of the goals. You want to ingrain your vision into your mind so it is there all the time, no matter what. Especially if you have a bad day, or hit a block, you’ll rely on your crystal clear vision to remind you of that which you want to achieve. The more vivid the picture, the more connected you are emotionally to the results you want to achieve, the easier they manifest in your life.

3. Don’t Worry About “How”

Ahhhh! This is a good one. HOW is absolutely none of your business! If you ever find yourself up against a big goal and you notice those voices of fear and doubt creeping in to say, “Yeah, but how are you going to do that?” Your job is to ignore them. If you focus on trying to figure out “how”… you will take your focus away from your goal. Remember, what you think about your bring about. Stay focused on the “what” and the “how” will reveal itself to you.

4. Put Yourself In Environments That Support Your Success.

I think this step is my favorite, because I THRIVE on being surrounded by like-minded people who believe in me and my dreams. The best thing about creating supportive environments around you is that they are there to remind you of your greatness. This could mean hiring a coach, participating in a mastermind group, listening to audios that uplift you, etc… these are all environments and a crucial part of the process to achieving all of your goals.

5. Have Faith… and Keep Going.

90% of the time, you’ll find me wearing a ring that says “when you have faith” on the outside, and “all things are possible” on the inside. I wear this ring as a constant reminder that faith is the key to everything. It’s impossible (or at least extremely difficult) to achieve your goals when you have no faith in the greater energy of the Universe/God. God wants you to have everything your heart desires… you wouldn’t have had the desire if you didn’t ALREADY have everything you need to realize it. (As Robert A. Russell says in God Works Through Faith, “the answer precedes the question”.) So, above all, have faith and know that if you keep going IN faith, everything you dream of is yours.

I trust that if you follow this five-step process every time you set a goal, you will achieve it. I know it sounds too simple to be true, but I assure you that any goal I’ve achieved in the past 5 years has been realized by using this process. I wish you much joy as you set (and achieve) your goals!

Copyright (c) 2008 Christine Kloser

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