Goal Setting Software – Reviews Of The Most Popular Programs

A goal setting software can help you to set goals in a more organizedplanned, and more flexible manner. The experience can be very rewarding and fun too. Here are some of the most popular goal setting programs:

#1: GoalPro

GoalPro provides all the necessary tools to maintain an efficient and effective goal-setting routine. It provides you with an innovative system for breaking down your larger goals into smaller, more focused, supporting goals, to even smaller time-scheduled tasks and appointments. You will develop the daily confidence of knowing that by simply performing the day’s scheduled events will, over time, lead to the achievement of your much larger goals.

GoalPro produces many types of reports that are based on your goals. These reports may be viewed on-screen, or printed out for placing in a binder, or taken with you throughout the day.

built-in Success Coach is provided for guiding you through the initial setup of your routine, as well as a Daily Review session used for reviewing your goals on a regular basis.

Motivating images are displayed randomly at key areas within the program, and a new image is emailed to you each week through our well received SuccessFX email publication.

Feature List:

  • Intelligent Goal Break-Down Structure.
    Building your personal Success Tree is easyusing items such as Objectives, Major Goals, Quota Goals, Tasks, Appointments, and more. With GoalPro 6.0 you may break your Objectives, and Major Goals down into a series of Tasks and Appointments. This allows you to focus on performing your scheduled daily events, while remaining confident that your efforts, in some way, lead to the achievement of your goals.
  • Built-In Success Coach.
    The Success Coach provides assistance with setting up your Success Routine in a logical format, provides a daily checklist to guide you through the daily exercises required for the development of effective success habits, as well as assistance with breaking your Objectives and Major Goals down into a series of Tasks and Appointments.
  • Daily Review Feature.
    To help maintain your image of success, the Daily Review feature creates composite reports which are based on your goals. These reports present vital information suitable for daily review. Performing your Daily Review exercises help create effective success habits, and ensures you remainfocused on YOUR success.
  • Multiple Performance Graphs.
    Performance graphs track your progress in many different areas of your success efforts. You may track your Dedication, Motivation, Focus, Efficiency, and much more. Visually, you may determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Generate Attractive Goal Reports.
    A variety of goal-based reports may be generated instantly. Reports such as Goal Time Line Report, Achievement Report, Routine Outline Report, Past-Due Report, and many more. Your goal reports may be enhanced by implementing attachments to your individual goals. Attachments such as Images, Sound Clips, Video Clips, and Shorcut Links may be used.
  • Number-Tracking Quota Goals.
    Track an unlimited amount of number-based goals with the GoalPro 6.0 Quota Goal feature. You may use Quota Goals to track: sales, number of units sold, savings account targets, weight loss, number of cold calls performed, credit card balances, or any other number-based goals you require.
  • Implement Success Creeds, Questions, and Stimulants.
    A major challenge you’ll face during the pursuit of personal excellence is the ability to maintain a healthy positive attitude. Success Enhancements encourage a positive attitude, and you may employ their usage in your Success Routine review sessions. GoalPro provides three types of Success Enhancements. They are Success Creeds, Success Questions, and Success Stimulants.
    Success Creeds remind you of the values you will adhere to during your pursuit of success, Success Questions provoke your internal thought to force it to focus on how you may achieve particular goals, and Success Stimulants are any motivational quote or phrase which you would like to include in your routine.
  • Daily Journal, FlashCard Creator, and ScratchPad Features.
    Features such as a Daily Journal for documenting your daily success efforts, a ScratchPad forhandling your brainstorming sessions, and a FlashCard Creator for creating custom, motivating, flash cards of your Success Creeds, Success Questions, and Success Stimulants.
  • Productive Day View and Week View Windows.
    The Day and Week View areas will allow you toproductively manage your scheduled eventswhich lead to your success. You may also, on a daily or weekly basis, export your goal-related scheduled events to your Outlook or Act! file.

Free trial: 15 days free trial available
Price: $89.95
Web Site: GoalPro

#2: Life Aligner PRO

Life Aligner PRO offers the combination of personal development software and e-courses to get yourself organized and achieve success in your personal life, career or business.

Life Aligner Pro is fully customizable so that you can include all of your different roles e.g. Health, Partner, Career, Business etc and assign goals and multiple layers of sub-goals under each.

The interface is extremely simple and you can learn how to use it within a few minutes.

Here are just a few of the features:

  • Learn how you prioritize the different areas of your life and identify opportunities for change.
  • Decide what you would like to achieve using Life Aligner’s effective goal setting system.
  • Review your priorities and monitor the status of your goals to keep yourself on track.
  • Keep a journal to help you reflect on the day or week.

E-Courses cover:

  • Time management
  • Positive thinking
  • Starting your coaching business
  • Creating your life plan
  • Negotiate your salary
  • Manage your stress levels
  • Change your career
  • And more

Free trial: 21 days free trial available
Price: $44.99
Web Site: Life Aligner PRO

#3: Achieve Planner

Achieve Planner is a practical Windows time management software system that helps you get organized, increase your productivity and make better use of your time.

With Achive Planner you can:

  • Get Your Life Organized
    Achieve Planner uses outlines (multi-level lists) to help you organize everything that you need to do. You’ll feel less stress and overwhelm because you’re more organized and you’ve taken control of your time, rather than letting time control you.
  • Use a More Effective To-Do List
    Achieve Planner separates your projects from your tasks. This helps you focus on outcomes and not just actions.
  • Plan Your Weeks & Days For Maximum Productivity
    When you wake up each morning, you’ll KNOW exactly what you need to do that day and you’ll know where and how to get started.
  • Feel More Focused and Productive While You Work
    When you stay focused on what’s most important instead of wasting your time with trivia or the tyranny of the urgent, you’ll get to the end of a busy day feel great about everything that you accomplished and all that you got done!
  • Use Project Templates To Save Time and Effort
    Do you have recurring projects that always have the same set of tasks (like product launches or events)? Would you like to use checklists to help you perform routine tasks consistently? Achieve Planner provides extensive support for Project Templates so you can quickly and easily create new projects based on your templates. You can even adjust task deadlines automatically from your project’s deadline.
  • Automatic Scheduling
    If you provide effort estimates for your tasks, Achieve Planner canautomatically compute the expected start/end dates for your projects and tasks based on your effort estimates, priorities, and weekly schedule project blocks.

Free trial: free trial available
Price: $79,88
Web Site: Achieve Planner

#4: Single Step

Single-step packages this same goal setting process into a single, easy-to-use software application. Single-step starts by asking a series of questions that help you to analyze your unique situation in life.  It then helps you set realistic, meaningful goals based on the answers.

You then have the opportunity to configure daily exercises for each of your goals to help you overcome your own personal challenges via well-understood psychological processes.

These are the same processes used by world-class athletes to improve their performance and reach their own goals.

By tracking your starting point and charting your progress, single-step provides a framework for you to notice changes in yourself over time and become more effective at reaching goals.

Single-step features:

  • Allows you to describe your current life situation.
  • Helps you to identify the areas you would most like to change.
  • Provides structure to assist you in defining and setting your goals.
  • Helps you progress daily towards your goals and track the progress that you are making.
  • Helps you in graph your progress to show quantifiable gains.
  • Allows you to set new goals as old ones are achieved.
  • Helps you motivate yourself, providing daily inspiration as needed to get you past those low moments.
  • Allows you to attach motivational pictures and images to your goals to stimulate you and inspire you to success.
  • Provides exercises to help overcome sub-conscious hurdles & barriers.
  • Provides encouragement as you progress along the path by tracking the feedback of your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • And much, much more!

Free trial: free trial available
Price: $49,95
Web Site: Download free trial!

#5: AffirmWare

AffirmWare, an Australian company founded in 1994, announces the release of it’s new metaphysical, goal setting software program, Sculptor3.

The software is based on an easy to follow 12 Day Plan which, once commenced, will bring positive changes to your life almost immediately. Sculptor3 will take you step by step through your own personalized 12 Day Plan.

Sculptor3 is actually six programs in one and uses a six-dimensional technique that includes:

Alpha Brain Wave technology (for creating a relaxed & receptive states)
Subliminal messages
Trigger stimulus tools (for creating an association between your affirmation/visualization and a trigger stimulus)
Response clearing technique (ideal for getting to those hard to find emotional blockages)

Here’s what you get:

  • The Powerful Affirmation Program
    Takes you each step of the way through a personalized 12 Day Plan for Success. You can learn about theory and practice of daily affirmations.
  • A Personal Response Database
    When using the affirmation program you will be asked to type in a response to your affirmation. These responses are saved to the Sculptor Database so you can view these responses at any time. These reinforce your affirmations and help them come true for you!
  • The Amazing Sentence Completion Feature
    Sentence Completion is the art of repeatedly (12 times recommended) answering a single question called a stem, and answering it as many times as you feel comfortable with. This is a powerful technique that helps you get what you want.
  • The Affirming Mission Statement
    This option is for users who would like to create a mission statement and have it replace the default backdrop image used by Sculptor. By having your mission statement as a backdrop, you are constantly being reminded of what is important to you in your life. And by doing this, you’re working some powerful magic on your mind that actually gets you in the mindset to get what you want.
  • Your Own Power Symbol
    Sculptor allows you to select a power symbol displayed on-screen while you are engaged in your affirmation practice. What you want to do with this power symbol is empower your affirmation practice by having a symbol that represent a power source, for you. Most of the symbols represent various religious denominations, though some are neutral. So powerful – you’ve got to see how well this works!
  • Male and Female Library Choices
    The Sculptor package includes separate HIS and HER libraries. Both these libraries come with Illustrations and stories – one for each day of the 12 Day program, plus sample affirmations. This helps you customize the program to your sex … very important!
  • Daily Quotes To Help You Reach Success
    Sculptor displays a selection of powerful Quotes each time you start Sculptor, you can add, delete and modify these quotes.
  • Your Own Associative Trigger Symbol
    Sculptor allows you to select to have a trigger symbol displayed on-screen while you are engaged in your affirmation practice. What you want to do with this trigger symbol is to create an association between the trigger symbol and your affirmation so it automatically increase the power (and effectiveness) of your affirmations!
  • Customizable Set Up Program
    Sculptor includes a Setup Program for defining your affirmation, affirmation speed, colors, symbols, illustrations, fonts, libraries, and much, much more. This makes it easy to start using right away for maximum benefit.
  • Easy To Use Complete Instructions
    User’s Guide & Tutorial which teaches you all you need to know to use the Sculptor Method. The Tutorial is graphical based and outlines all the Sculptor features so you can get the most from it!
  • The Added Dimension Subliminally Messaging Program
    Sculptor uses a powerful Subliminal Messaging feature which displays subliminally on your computer monitor while you practice your affirmations. You have complete control over these messages, you can add, modify, and delete them. You also have control over frequency and duration. These work magically to help you cement your wants!
  • Stunning Brain Wave Player Feature
    Offers a selection of Alpha, Beta, and Theta brain files that can be played while using the Sculptor program. By using the Brain Wave files your mind will become more receptive to your affirmations and visual imagery, increasing the effectiveness instantly!
  • Autopilot Mode
    An automatic mode, useful for situations where you are involved with other tasks, (ideal for effortless subconscious programming).
  • Visual Programing Feature
    Sculptor comes with an extremely valuable “visualization Aid” to assist you in improving your visualization skills. Absolutely MUST if you want true success!

Sculptor3 has been created with the ability to plug into other authors material, through the Add-on Library feature. For instance, if your work includes sales you can dramatically improve your commissions by tailoring Sculptor3 with effective sales and motivational material. If your health is of concern, incorporate Sculptor3 with healing and recovery program’s.

With Sculptor3 you can become your own Life Coach (the fastest growing industry sector in the western world) andimprove your life in weeks – not years.

Free trial: not available
Price: $97.00
Web Site: Affirmware