Great Goal Setting For 2010 – 7 Easy Steps

As the old year is in its final days, and when the New Year is still young and full of potential, many are those who are inspired to set goals that will help them in their personal growth and set them on a path towards “True Purpose Living”.

“True Purpose Living” is not about living life without a cloud in the sky. Instead, “True Purpose Living” is about playing out your life on the right “game board”. It is about doing work that has meaning and enjoying resonant relationships. It is also about embracing and learning the lessons you are here to learn and to continuously evolve your awareness. “True Purpose Living” means seeing unproductive, stuck patterns and finding new ways to get around the blockages holding you back.

A good way to get started is to figure out what you really value in life and set some goals in accordance with those values. Follow these 7 steps to help you set the right kind of goals, stay on target and complete your goals successfully.

1. DEFINE YOUR CORE VALUES: Figure out your core values. To make them come to you easier, pretend you only have 6 months to live. What is really important in your life? Examples of core values are: Freedom, Family, Friends, Fun, Stability, Generosity, Integrity, Security, Abundance, Creativity etc. First list as many as you can think of then short list your most important values, these are your 3 core values. Don’t rush this step since you will measure your future goals against these values. As your awareness increases and you grow as a person, you may need to come back and update your core values.

2. WHAT: Clearly define a goal (like finding meaningful work or take up a hobby that you love doing).

3. WHY: Why do you want this goal? Test “What” from step 2, against your 3 core values that you decided on in step 1. If your goal is not a good fit with your core values, find a new goal that is. This step is essential and prevents you from wasting time on something that you are not wholeheartedly behind. Sometimes outside pressures will make us pursue goals that are not in alignment with our core values. This robs valuable time and energy from what you are better served doing instead.

4. WHEN: Be as specific as you can in stating when you want your goal fulfilled. If you think it will take you more than 3 months to achieve your goal, give yourself milestones along the way to keep you motivated and on track. You can also break down one large goal into several smaller and more manageable goals.

5. OBSTACLES: There are always obstacles to be overcome to reach goals, or it wouldn’t be something worth achieving! By listing the main challenges right away they will not be able to “take you by surprise” and stop you dead in your tracks.

6. HOW: Ask yourself the question “How?” repeatedly until you have an action plan taking you all the way to your goal. Here is an example: Q: How will I find a job I love? A: By figuring out what I like to do. Q: How do I figure out what I like to do? A: By….and so on.

7. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Check off the items on your action plan as they are achieved. To keep the momentum of great change in your life going, set your next goal just before your current goal is achieved, and don’t forget to celebrate when you reach your goal!

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From Annika Ek – Purpose2Business Mentor & Hand Analyst –