How Do I Know If It’s Right For Me? A Simple Technique to Discover Your Authentic Self

There’s a lot of talk these days about “How To.” How to get rich, get organized, change your life, write an article, find the perfect mate. You can read as many approaches as you have time to research or until you get eye strain. Many of these tips, hints, ideas, formulas, suggestions can turn into mandates, even dogmas and are based on what worked for the person writing the book or article. They may or may not work for you. Like many who are in the “service-to-others” profession, I have opinions about what could make a client’s life easier so the desired change happens faster, is more visible and compatible with their sense of success. I also have an arsenal of tips and suggestion. I even have a web page entitled “Articles-Tips-Hints. “But when we’re looking for support from others I think it’s important to remember that we all have an internal guidance system that helps us find our answers and that that internal guidance system is there for the express purpose of leading us toward our true essence-the self that is at the heart of who we are.

The challenge is listening to your guidance system with enough consistency and trust to know what actions to take when/if actions are required. It’s important to check in with yourself about what’s going on but just as important to listen for your answers. When you don’t stop to listen to your internal guidance system, it goes dormant.

Here’s what I’ve discovered. The answers come most easily when I listen to my body. By experimenting, I learned that if my neck is tight, my stomach feels queasy or my palms are sweaty the feelings associated with these sensations are fear, sadness, anger or excitement. But there’s a simpler way. Simply ask if you feel “good” or “not good.” If I feel good, I can move forward. If I don’t feel good, I stop or move away. What I found is that my internal guidance system can be there as a key indicator every step of the way. The only requirement is that I pay attention.

If you’re not used to checking in with yourself, consider this simple technique: Let there be a pause between any question that comes up in your life and the answer you’re looking for. During that pause, turn your attention to your body; start with your chest area as you’ll often get a clear sense of how you feel there. Sometimes, finding our own answers can feel overwhelming and confusing. Trusting our internal guidance system is a simple and reliable way to discover our authentic self and it takes less than a minute. Next time you don’t know how you feel about something, try listening with your body for the answer and see what happens.

Judith Blazer is the owner of Blazer’s Organizing Solutions, assisting busy people, those in transition, and people who feel overwhelmed get control of their life and living space. She does both on-site and coaching by phone. Judith is a member of NAPO and a graduate of the Hendricks Institute.

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