How Napoleon Hill Got Me a Porsche with Subliminal Messages

We all want to improve! But picking the most straightforward, uncomplicated, undemanding, uninvolved and untroublesome way to improve is sometimes discouraging. I should know…

Let me explain and share with you about my personal experience with this merry-go-round enigma and maybe you can relate, or have experienced the same mind-boggler yourself.

I had grown up in a commercialism oriented family. After college, I met a guy who was my age, driving a Porsche, had a nice 3-bedroom condo, beautiful live-in girlfriend in Boulder, CO and didn’t go to college. I thought, “Jeez, I wonder what he does”. I asked him and he told me, “I market highly speculative oil & gas deals.”

This was right around the time of the Kuwait Invasion by Iraq, so oil & gas was a blistering topic in the telecast and around the universe. The price of oil skyrocketed and everyone wanted some of the pipeline. It piqued my interest and I thought I could do it. At least I was ambitious. Actually, I craved what he had. He related, “I’ll get you an interview and call you tomorrow. I’ll help you out to learn how to do this.”

When I got there for an interview, I noticed he wasn’t the only one who had a Porsche in the parking lot, there where Porsches, Monster Trucks, Mercedes, BMWs and then a couple of shoddy cars parked in the back. I didn’t just park in the back, I parked 1/2 block away!

I go in and see well groomed guys and gals walking around with suits. It looked like the inside of a GQ magazine. The smell of cigarettes permeated the air. I could hear all this yelling and racket going on in the background, behind the partition and really wanted to see what was going on back there.

I filled out an overly simple questionnaire in the lobby and was called in for the interview. I walked into the office of the principal (the top guy). He was a big burly guy that was very well groomed, but he seemed to have a nervous twitch on his neck. I remember it was like he kept trying to adjust his tie without his hand.

He invited me to lunch and we scaled into his monster truck and when he fired that thing up, it sounded like a bomb went off in the truck bed!

We went to a place called the Flagstaff House. For those of you who know Boulder, this is “THE” 5-Star eatery in town. The scenery looking over the mountain range and the smell of brisk mountain air and my experience of the day so far was making me think I was getting closer to that Porsche that I coveted. It was nice, but I got the feeling that I was being rushed for a fraternity. After the $200 feast, he explained the indoctrination required and told me to start tomorrow. He didn’t ask, he told me! I’m IN!!!!

Dry cleaning wasn’t an option at that time, so I was up early ironing coat & tie so I could “look” like everyone else. I had these clothes left over from my college days and was used to doing my own ironing. Except I didn’t have an ironing board! But I had a can of starch! I laid down a good clean towel and ironed them on the floor.

I arrived and walked around that partition for the first time…

Have you ever seen the movie “Boiler Room”?

The only difference between this location and an actual boiler room was that they had air conditioning.

The only marketing they had was the phone and boxes of leads from D&B.

The SEC license training was intense. New recruits where expected to spend 12 hours per day on the phone, eat lunch at their desk and make 300 cold calls a day plus do the training classes. I didn’t mind the hard work, I wanted that “Porsche”!

I got my license after about a month and was a full broker. I was off to the races… every little bit of extra money I got was going into more sales training programs.

6 months later… I had financially failed at this job. I was tired and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t doing better. I had asked around the office, but, in hindsight, one thing I can tell you about most “top salespeople” is that they don’t share their secrets around their office. Except for 1 guy who, after work one day, gave me his copy of “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He wished me luck as sped off in his “Beemer”. I opened it up and saw underlines, highlights, notes in the margins… it looked like a 5th-time hand-me-down college text book. I pondered if this may be the secret. I hadn’t gotten any boost from any of the other guys except the standard training, so I really treasured this gift.

One of the chapters was double underscored and seemed like the pages where worn out more in that chapter than any other. It was the chapter on “Auto-Suggestion”…

“I have never known anyone who was inspired to use the secret, who did not achieve noteworthy success in his chosen calling. I have never known any person to distinguish himself, or to accumulate riches of any consequence, without possession of the secret.” – Napoleon Hill

I applied it immediately and in about 60 days, it was starting…

Now this is 8 months into my new job (my first job AND only commission) and I hadn’t made any meaningful exchanges worth telling you about. My folks where tired of me mooching off of them so this is where the rubber hits the road. Poverty was an understatement! I gave it another 30 days and was offered, or “drawn” to, a job in sales at another place that wasn’t all commission and my sales went through the roof. That was 15 years ago.

At the time, I couldn’t tell if it was the culmination my education, experience & training or if it was Think & Grow Rich that helped flip the switch on. Now I know that it takes both… I also know that it is hard to apply certain types of information, education & training without doing “inside work”, or subconscious work ALSO.

Then I was drawn to subliminal messages. I realized that subliminal messages weren’t yet available back in 1937, so I got with a sound engineer and started making my own.

I found that I could apply these same techniques with subliminal messages while I was doing something else and my productivity increased exponentially.

I bet you can too!

What is your “Porsche”? Are you ready?

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