How to Be Sure That Your Goals Are Right For You

To truly live a fulfilling life it is essential that you have a vision of what you want and how you are going to reach it. When you set out on the path to achieving your ambitions it is important to remain focused on that perfect life that you have visualized and to ensure that the actions you take each day will take you closer to that ultimate outcome.

You will probably already know the importance of setting and working towards goals to get to where you want to be in life and I’m sure you will already have set your own and be taking steps towards them each day. But you must be sure that your goals are really going to get you to the place that you want to go to. And to do so you must be sure that it is actually you that is setting your goals.

It’s an important topic to consider so take time to think about it. For instance each and every day you are bombarded by the media with all sorts of images that could have an influence on your goals. They tell you about how you should look, what you should eat, how much exercise you should take, the clothes you should buy, the house you should own, and all sorts of other things you should aspire to. But do those things really mean anything to you?

In addition you have all sorts of both conscious and, more significantly, subconscious pressure put upon you by family, friends, teachers, bosses, and even people you don’t know such as so-called celebrities about the way you should live your life. Certainly those close to you will have your best interests at heart – but only what they believe to be your best interests!

So you should take the time to examine your goals and ensure that they truly reflect what you want from your life. It’s so easy to go along with the easy option of the “good job”, “nice house”, or “comfortable relationship” but are they what you really want?

So be sure to grab some time for yourself and try asking yourself the following:

– Why did I set my goal? What was the real motivation behind it?

– Was my goal actually influenced by someone else? If so does it genuinely represent what I want? Or is it based on what that other person thinks I want?

– Are my goals realistic under my personal circumstances? If not what can I do and what am I willing to do to change them?

– What benefit will I get by achieving my goal? Is it really something that I want or rather just one of those easy options that I have been conditioned to think I want?

– How will achieving my goal actually make me feel? Will I get a genuine emotional buzz when I achieve my goal?

– What do I need to do now to make sure that I am truly pursuing the goals that will lead to the life I desire?

You may well think of many more questions to ask yourself but it is vital that you do so to ensure that you really are on the right track in your life. Then when you have your answers you must take action and you will soon start to see real progress towards that perfect outcome.



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