How to Power Up and Catapult Your Vision For Success

Now, did you ever realize how Powerful your vision for anything is?

Well, the truth of the matter is that for every thought you have, be it positive or negative, there is a vision within you that is generated either consciously or unconsciously.

Just think about it for a moment, if you were to enquire into the success tracks of most famous people, one common factor is their subtle use of Mind Power to visualize their desires and then they progress to take the necessary action to manifest those desires.

Ok, this works both ways, because when you look at all the strife and difficulties in the world today, every individual’s perception of reality is different and its effect on the thought process is also different for each person. So, no two individual experiences are ever exactly the same.

Your thoughts direct your actions, hence when you want to act positively, you feel and visualize creativity to build you up, whereas when the thought is negative this could lead to unresourcefulness and lack of motivation if uncontrolled. That’s why it’s important to control what you think about and how you think about it, to take charge and to change your life.

For example in a sample study sometime ago, some group of people were tested under different conditions, to establish the relationship between the thought process and their ability to complete some set given tasks successfully.

In the first instance, they were told how tired and unmotivated they were and looked, that success was hard to attain, and that succeeding in anything was only limited to a select few. Now, they were then requested to carry out some weight lifting exercise to prove their strength.

Under these conditions, and having been told that success was limited to a few, no wonder some members of the group literally could not do anything at all and resigned to failure, while a majority of the group barely lifted any weight off the ground.

On another occasion, the same group of people were told how resourceful they were, and that in reality the power was always within them to succeed. They were then asked to visualize their desired success over and over in their lifestyle choices, and to make their action plans so that they can start putting their vision into reality.

Again they were told to lift the same weights, and this time, majority succeeded far beyond their expectations and also had strong feelings of resourcefulness and eager to commence the action plans that they had been visualizing.

The above two examples emphasizes the point that negative thought drains your energy and really hinders your progress, whereas positivity in your thoughts and vision of life would build you up to explore and live your unlimited potential.

Now, how do you visualize successfully with Power and Energy to Catapult your unlimited potential.

1) Relax, Relax, Relax

Make time to Relax Always. It’s important that you relax, even if it’s 10 to 15 minutes every day. Give time to yourself and begin to recapture the real you. Relaxing and giving quiet time to yourself will help you rekindle your resourcefulness and your true internal desires.

2) True happiness comes from within

Acknowledge that your true happiness is from within, that is where your seat of wisdom, happiness and fulfilment comes from. When you practice relaxation and start to notice your true inner desires, you’ll begin to grasp and understand your Invisible Power for the “creative” YOU that’s always been there, only not discovered fully until now.

3) Visualizing you desires

Following relaxation each time, for another five minutes and with the feeling of positivity and energy, make a mental picture of your desires as you’d like them to be, not what you currently see or have right now, but as you wish them to be.

Impress this on your subconscious mind daily, and believe that you’ll drive the necessary action to attain your desires. Don’t worry, even if it seems far to you at the moment, you just do this daily and most of all, believe in yourself to drive its success. It’s important here that YOU believe in yourself, to allow “YOU” to be the motivating factor for the drive, determination and to take the necessary steps towards that success destination.

4) Always have one clear objective in mind at a time

It’s important that you don’t take on too much, so be clear about the desire that you want to attain first, and visualize and progress the necessary actions to complete that desire. Just take a step at the time, and you will eventually get there. Be prepared for challenges that come along the way, and note that these are experiences that help build you up and strengthen you.

Note that for your first session of visualization this way, you need to write down your definite desire or goal immediately after your session, and then keep to it. Don’t keep changing your mind, give yourself some flexibility in your plan, and keep at it until you achieve it before moving to another. Be patient, you’ll get there ok.

Each day, Mentally See Your Vision, Feel it, Believe it (ensure that you are specific in your desired outcome, and chose timescales that are realistic and agreeable with you, bearing in mind your current commitments and circumstances) Keep Yourself Positive and Resourceful, as this builds you up, and in time you’ll be Reaping the Success Fruits of your Persistence and Endurance.

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