How To Rapidly Reduce Your Stress Levels

If you’re caught up in a harrowing storm of stress, depression or anxiety, you may feel that the storm will never pass. Most sufferers of these problems feel like this at some point and it further deepens the torment, intensifying the storm, a storm with no end in sight.

Let’s look at how this can happen and then we’ll see how to overcome this feeling.

Let’s say things aren’t going well with your marriage. Maybe your spouse has had an affair, maybe the relationship has gone stale and you’ve both had enough. Then things change at work and you find yourself working long hours and under pressure to meet deadlines. Additionally, money is becoming a real problem and credit card debts are mounting up. Stress levels soar.

Sounds familiar, yes? I’ve been there too and my word is it a terrible state to be in. You can’t talk to anyone, you try to make things better by yourself and they just get worse and you wake up with the night demons at 3 am. every morning and you start to think highly-emotional thoughts such as:

“What’s the point of trying? I’m ruined, my life is falling apart and no matter what I do things NEVER change. I just can’t work this out, and life will always be like this.”

Wow, it’s a very powerful, destructive way of thinking but it is a flawed way of thinking. The two key words in such flawed modes of thinking are ALWAYS and NEVER. By using such emotionally-charged words, you make it virtually impossible to find solutions to your problems. You are telling yourself you are in a turbulent storm that will never end.

This simply isn’t true because no storm can rage forever and no matter how violent it is it will ALWAYS blow itself out. This is the nature of life on this wonderful planet of ours; change is certain. You will face changes in your life that are welcome but you will also face changes that aren’t welcome but change in whatever form will happen. Just as good times cannot last forever neither can the bad times and you will help yourself enormously by not using the words always and never to describe your situation.

I know that if stress, depression or anxiety are wreaking their destructive ways with you, it is very hard to see an end to the torment because finding answers is so hard. It is crucial to bear in mind that there are always solutions to problems, even though sometimes we may not like the outcome, a solution will be found and you can get on with the next chapter of your life. Your life will continue to change as the years roll by – it’s been full of change up to now hasn’t it? – and the key to happiness is to be able to adapt to change, be it welcome or unwanted.

One more thing. You can create change by your own hand. All of us have this power and when times are good, you create changes constantly. Moving house, changing jobs, going on vacation – you create all of these. Here’s an empowering thought for you: You can CHOOSE to create change even during times of stress, depression or anxiety. The power to change things doesn’t suddenly leave you because you’re under stress, the power is yours to use should you choose to.

When you realize that nothing in life is permanent and that the storm you’re caught up in right now will eventually pass, you’ll take a big step towards reducing stress. And combine this with your power to create change by your own hand and you have two very effective strategies to help the storm pass quickly.

Ex- chronic anxiety sufferer Chris Green is the author of “Conquering Stress”, the acclaimed internet best seller which will help you to naturally  conquer stress, depression and anxiety without taking powerful drugs. For more information, visit