How to Start Your Day the Right Way


How did you start your day today?

I ask because it is really important that your day begins in the right way. It will determine your frame of mind and your attitude to all that you encounter during the minutes and hours ahead.

Unfortunately, however, many people get off to the worst possible start. For instance sitting down and reading the newspaper over breakfast can be fatal. The saying that “good news doesn’t sell newspapers” is very true and so you can guarantee that whichever paper you choose to read will be full of “doom and gloom” about the economy, about the weather, about terrorism, and about anything else they can find to make you miserable. You read about it and immediately you’re feeling negative.

The television’s not much better either and watching your favorite breakfast show, whilst it might have some fun and uplifting features, will also have regular news bulletins about all that is going wrong in the world. More reasons for you to feel down!

Add to this the simple fact that you may get up feeling worried about the stresses of the day ahead and you can pretty soon be guaranteed a difficult day.

Amazingly some people will actually welcome all these things as they will have a ready-made excuse for another day when they achieve nothing. But I know you’re not like that!

Because you are taking the time to read this I know that you are positively seeking to make your life the best it can be. You want to be a winner at the game of life and to do so you must adopt the habits of a winner.

Winners make sure that they start their days just right and get straight down to taking positive action. So to help you to get the most from each day here are some things you can try to ensure that you become a winner too:

Start with a smile! When you get up look in the mirror and smile at yourself and try to hold the smile for at least 30 seconds. This will send positive energy pulsing through your body and mind.

Use a positive affirmation to tell yourself that today you are going to achieve something positive. Focus on whatever goal is specific to you and say exactly what it is that you are going to accomplish.

Instead of turning on the TV or Radio, listen to something inspiring. It could be a motivational CD or more simply just two or three pieces of music that are uplifting and will get you motivated.

Instead of a newspaper read something motivational or inspirational like a section from a personal development book. Winners are voracious consumers of this type of material and you should try to build your own library of motivational books and CDs.

Before you rush into the day and all its demands take a little time to sit quietly on your own and concentrate on the life you aspire to. You can use meditation techniques if you wish, but just ensure that you are able to clearly visualize all the aspects of your perfect life and understand exactly how it will make you feel.

Then you can begin your day feeling energized and motivated. You will be positive about all that you have to do, knowing that you are creating your perfect life.


This article was written by Tony Hall who runs his own business dedicated to helping individuals develop their personal and business skills. You can learn more about how to develop your own life skills and get your complimentary copy of “The Process of Success” by signing up for his weekly newsletter at: