Is Happiness Your Goal?

Many people have a different view on the definition of happiness; usually based on their own hidden desires.  Success, wealth, family life, social stature; all of these may be someone’s idea of a happy life situation.  Whatever the situation may be, we all view happiness as the ultimate goal in life, and seem to be continually in search of it.
What is happiness?  It may be a feeling of contentment, satisfaction or it may be a level reached in a structured environment.  Happiness certainly represents something different for everyone, and may change for a single person several times throughout their lifetime.  
When determining what happiness is for your own individual state of mind, a person must look within themselves.  All of us may have preconceived notions of what we think happiness represents, whether it is a successful family life, climbing to the heights of the business ladder, being socially accepted or benefiting from great monetary wealth.  Usually those preconceived ideas, however, represent only what we lack in life, and may not be what we truly desire. 
In order to achieve happiness in your life, first you must determine what really would bring happiness into your life.  That inevitably involves the need to examine what is making you unhappy.  Once that is established, however, the path to rectifying the situation should become much clearer.  
The feeling of unhappiness can be strongly attributed to not having control over situations in your life.  Learning the cause of the unhappiness gives you the first tool needed in gaining control, and is therefore the first step in achieving happiness.  Gaining empowerment over the situation is the next step.  Each forward step in eliminating the unhappiness in your life will be a positive element that brings you closer to your goal, increasing your feeling of power over the situation.  
Dissatisfaction or unhappiness may be internal or externally caused.  It may be as simple as not being happy with your current lot in life, or may involve deeply imbedded insecurities that have built over years.  Behaviors and actions of other people or situations can also cause feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction, even to an individual who normally has a happy disposition.  
Overcoming obstacles in life may not be easy.  However, eliminating problems or issues will certainly achieve a happier you; the ultimate goal.  Some problems, especially sudden and unexpected barriers, may be able to be handled quickly and efficiently.  Others may prove to be more difficult to overcome, including internal issues an individual may struggle with on a daily basis.  Taking small steps, with each step bringing the person more and more power over the problem, will eventually bring the same results.  Empowering yourself over the obstacle can give that person more control, lessening the feeling of unhappiness. Overcoming obstacles should never create new problems, either to you or others.
Complete happiness may indeed be an impossible goal, since life changes continually bring new sets of challenges.  Gaining power over the unhappiness you experience, though, will certainly bring higher levels of happiness and pleasure that you seek in life. 


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