Learn to Dream Big and You Will Live the Life of Your Dreams

Let me start with a quote from Jim Rohn, one of the 50 world famous motivational speakers on personal development at Success University:

“Formal education will make you a living but self education will make you a fortune.”

We all remember the time in high school when it was much more important to win the football game of the season than getting an “A+” in chemistry. To be elected and honored as homecoming queen or king, being a member of the cheerleader team, or find out “who is asking Jenny out on Saturday” – those were the topics of interest.

Education in highschool sort of happens without the concious intent of the student. There are several reasons for this but the main one is, that going to school is not the primary choice of the student. He or she has to attend school. In most western countries it is prohibited by law to stay away from school. Sometimes students are taken to their classes even by police force. The common understanding of education is to go to school, get a job and earn a living.

Hence, the responsibility for the education and its outcome is placed on the teachers, the parents, the churches,the educational institutions and the environment. And they are doing their best. Self education however is much more powerful and totally relies on the student himself. It is self motivated, self responsible and the outcome is completely self earned.The power of self-education lies in its conscious choice. When we choose to take a course in fly fishing for instance, we will be going fishing sooner or later and try out what we have learned. Learning and taking action, testing out the new abilities to reach and achieve the goals we had in mind, describes the process of a conscious self-education.

Why is it then that so many people are clueless about how to live the life of their dreams?

The ability to dream decreases with the increasing age. If you listen to children speak about what they want to be later in life, they are so confident and self assured saying: I am going to be a famous lion-tamer. No doubt about it. We laugh about these childish statements because we think we know better. Unfortunately this is not the case. Many people give up their dreams and start to play small. They adjust their dreams to the life that meets them every day. They compromise and lose their passion, their determination in pursuing their goals of life.Slowly, slowly the mind repeats the same old story over and over again. Caught in the limitations of a mediocre life where big dreams are just soap bubbles, life gets boring and suffering takes over.

The limited mindset is focused on just earning enough money to keep out of debt and being able to pay the bills. This is definitely not what life is meant to be. And people know it. Somewhere deep down there is this nagging voice speaking to us constantly but we pretend to not hear it. It reminds us of our potential which is much, much greater than we could ever imagine. This sweet little voice tries to remind us to listen to ourselves, to our deepest longings, our wildest dreams.

It [the voice] cries out loud, that it wants to live and not be shut down in some mediocre life. It [the inner voice] expresses all the inspiration, the power of creation and the joy of life – a life of fulfillment, joy and happiness. Pursuing your dreams, no matter how big they are, gives you energy, inspires you and maybe for the first time makes you feel authentic. Dare to trust yourself on your dreams and dream as big as you can. Create a dream that inspires you, a dream that takes your breath away and watch the energy flooding in.

Once you start listening to yourself you will develop the mindset that you possess everything it takes to live the life of your dreams. It will strengthen your will-power, will give you confidence in making the right decisions and then… only then you are ready to start learning the principles and strategies to reinvent your life. There were people before you and there will be people coming after you but the only thing that matters right now is the choice you make about your life.

The author Ingrid Grzeskowiak works full-time from home with her Home Based Business Start upwebsite. She has a special passion for self-improvement and personal development.