Learn to Enhance Your Memory-Ability!

Brains just want to have fun! When playing it is easy to learn. Have you ever noticed children playing and easily singing or reciting long texts or strings of words by heart? Maybe you also where doing so yourself, when you where a child. Did you know that everyone can speed up their learning process and skills of remembering things? What is your Achilles’ heel when it come to learning and remembering? Is it names, faces or maybe phone-numbers? Don’t despair, here comes some help! You will learn about a few of all available memory enhancing or speed learning techniques that are both tried and proved to be effective by many people, worldwide.

Not only for super geniuses!
As with the playing children, so it is with our brains. When having fun they learn both faster and better too. Many people have thought about the learning processes of the brain and figured out quite a lot about how to enhance normal learning patterns into super highways, making it possible for people with an ordinary intelligence level to learn with “light speed”.

And not only to learn, to keep remembering the newly learned fact, skill or whatever it could be. That’s quite impressing, is it not? Many people have found this so impressing that they buy tickets to shows where they fascinated listens to what is known as mnemonic artists.

The trick of replacing words with images
One of the most famous of all mnemonic artists, Salomon Vjeniaminovitj Sjeresjeveskij, a man from Russia, used visualization to remember everything he ever heard of. But, you and I can also enhance our own ability to memorize and remember things by using replacement-images for words. One example could be if we would like to remember the word computer, then we could think of a brain-model, like the one in school. This is only one of all techniques used worldwide. There are indeed many of them.

A whole-brain activation process
To try to use your whole brain when in the midst of learning something is also a good idea. This has to do with us having two brain-halves. The left one being logical and the right one creative. So, when reading you will mainly use the left part of your brain, but when adding some drawing activity, then you suddenly will engage your whole brain into the learning activity going on and this will speed up your learning pace.

Use your senses!
If you want to further enhance the process, then try to involve as many senses as possible. This will amplify the effect of your inner pictures. The important thing is to make up so vivid pictures in your mind that they really do make an impression or impact with you. So, to try out using sounds, rhythms, colours and examine if they could be added to become some of your personal, free memory enhancing tools in your own brain-toolbox. One idea would be to record when you are reading something out loud and then listen to it. This will help you learn faster.

A good night’s sleep will help too…
Also, to sleep on “the thing” is something to consider, because when a person sleeps then the brain is very active. It categorizes information and secures the information newly received and that will help in remembering things better too. So, do listen to your recorded messages just before bedtime.

This article is written by Jannie Borg Larsen for The Informative Post.

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