Live a More Peaceful Life With These 5 Time Management Tips

When we’re busy, a peaceful life can seem out of reach. And these days, almost everyone seems to be busy. Have you ever used any of the following common phrases: “I think I can work that in,” “I’ll manage,” “I’m crazy busy at work,” or “I’ll squeeze that into my schedule?” Even the words we use suggest that many of us are over-committed and stressed.

1. Learn To Say No

The first step toward living a more peaceful life is to learn to say no. What’s more important… being the world’s best multi-tasker or being able to complete one task really well? Usually we try to do it all when we’re trying to please someone, but when we take on more than we can handle, the quality of work suffers or we only do half the job-and then no one is happy. So learn to set boundaries and know that it’s okay to simply say no if you don’t have the time do something well.

2. Focus and Be In The Moment

The next tip is to be truly present in the moment. This means focusing on what, or who, is in front of you rather than thinking about all the other people you need to see or things you need to accomplish. Try not answering your phone or checking your emails next time you’re at lunch with a client or a friend. Chances are you’ll gain so much more from the interaction by simply being present. And try to cut down on multi-tasking… if you’re on the phone, be on the phone-don’t also watch TV. Or if you’re emailing someone, concentrate on your email-don’t also be chatting to a co-worker. Now this isn’t always going to possible, but at least be aware of when, and how, you split your attention and do your best to keep multi-tasking to a minimum.

3. Estimating Your Time Properly

Tip three is to really understand how much time your daily tasks take, such as events, meetings, workouts, and errands. Try tracking your schedule for a week and even time yourself. Perhaps you allot yourself an hour to go the gym, but realize it really takes you an hour and a half. Or perhaps that 10 minute trip to the grocery store ends up being more like 30. Once you have a solid grasp on how long it takes to accomplish your daily routines, you can schedule the appropriate amount of time.

4. Prioritize!

The fourth tip to a more peaceful life is prioritizing. Let go of the idea that you need to fit it all in and give yourself permission to do what’s most important first. This way you can be certain to get the most essential tasks completed before you run out of time or steam.

5. Don’t Forget Transition Time

Your fifth tip is to account for transition time. It takes time to get from place to place and it can also take a time to shift gears when switching from working on one task to another-so build in time to transition. This can be as simple as giving yourself adequate time to travel from one location to another. Or, if it’s a matter of changing gears, take a minute to breathe, absorb what you just experienced, and then consciously choose to move on. Next, prepare yourself to be fully present for the next task or event by taking a moment to think about what’s to come.

After all, managing your time more effectively isn’t simply about juggling all you have to do, but also about appreciating what you’re doing and enjoying a more peaceful life.

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