Motivation – The Importance of Momentum

When attempting to get motivated half of the battle is won by just getting started. A big part of the other half is won by the act of keeping on keeping on.

If you have a strong desire for what it is that you want then just start where you are and go after it. Start doing the necessary work. Start hitting your goals on a consistent basis. Doing so will establish momentum.

Success Becomes Easier

Once you have momentum you will get into a rhythm with the task that you are doing and then doing the act of doing the work will become simpler and easier to perform.

When you have ” the Big Mo” on your side is important that you maintain it. There has been times when I have failed to get what I was aiming at, yet I still wound up unexpectedly getting something else that was just as good. I believe that these serendipitous events occurred as a result of positive momentum that I had previously set in motion.

Motivation Is Increased

When you bear down , do the work, and establish momentum you create opportunities. Once you start to start to experience the benefits of momentum then motivation is no longer a problem. It becomes easy to keep doing the work because you are starting to see positive results that come from it.

Continued positive reinforcement will give you confidence and the motivation to persist.

Persistence Is Established

Persistence, in turn, gives you endurance. And if you endure in doing the proper work over time you will eventually get what it is that you are working for. You will succeed because you refuse to give up doing the work. With persistence you demonstrate your determination to do the work until you get what you want.

When you establish momentum by consistently doing the work you make this entire process work smoothly in your favor.

So for increased motivation get started, stay consistent and let momentum kick in. Use that positive drive to develop persistence. Then stay steady doing the work until you experience the successful accomplishment of your aspiration.

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