New Software Tool Helps You Manifest Your Dreams & Desires

How do wealthy people create their wealth? For most of us it seems like magic; and many actually think that there must be a secret formula involved.

In our western world, we are conditioned to always believe that the most complicated solution must be true. That’s why you see the word “easy” in many advertisements. “Easy,” because with all the high tech stuff around us, life has not become easier at all. However, life itself is actually easy, and very simple.

What it makes complicated is our perceptions and conclusions.

The same is true with manifesting wealth in your life. If you follow simple steps, you will create wealth in your life. The challenge is that we have forgotten to think in an easy way. Our mind comes up with the most deluded stories to justify why others have wealth and abundance, and we don’t.

To create wealth and abundance in your life begin with one simple step: believe that it is possible for you to have it!

Think about how much time you spend during your day to achieve this goal. Most of us are so busy with our lives that we run almost all day on auto-responder. We have given ourselves a side role in our self-produced movie. We are not present to tell the director what to do in the movie. So our days either go as they have in the past, or just at random.

In order to direct your attention toward something you’d like to achieve, you need to have free attention. Attention is the magnet that will attract new situations in your life. Without free attention, you are back to playing the auto-responder ‘bot.

Start with the Intention to be Wealthy and to Live in Abundance

Intend to create prosperity in your life. Make this the first thought when you get up in the morning. However, intention alone doesn’t get you there. Remind yourself constantly about your new goal. This way, it gets imprinted into your consciousness. Your consciousness needs to build new neuronal pathways, and that will take some time. It is like working out – you cannot expect to be in perfect shape after visiting the gym once.

There are also times in your life where you feel discouraged and you just want to say goodbye to this world. Nothing works out, and you think you will never make it. It’s almost impossible for most of us to shift ourselves out of this mood. We have the belief that circumstances outside of our control have contributed to our mood, and therefore our attention is stuck on the outside situation. Bringing the attention back to ourselves is the key to solving this dilemma.

Discouragement is a result of expectations. It happens when you expect something to happen and it doesn’t. It is a confusion about time, because it will happen – just not at the time you thought. So relax, and realign with your intention. This may not be an easy task in the beginning.

What Can You Do to Help Guide Your Attention?

Over the last few months, Dream Manifesto has developed a remarkable new software solution to empower your ability to use your attention.

The “Dream Manifestation Wizard” is based on the principles of quantum physics, and can help you achieve success in all aspects of your life. It is the ultimate tool to manifest your dreams and desires. Quantum physics states that by the simple effect of observing (directing your attention) you’ve already started creating and manifesting. Your attention is the “holy grail” to manifest whatever you want in your life.

The “Dream Manifestation Wizard” helps you direct your attention to align with the dreams and goals in your life. There is no magic involved; it is simply a profound understanding of how your attention works. Attention is the ultimate source of creative power. Nothing exists that is stronger or more powerful than that.

Use the Wizard to help you guide your attention, and the reality that is created will reflect exactly what you have set up as a blueprint in your mind. Do you think you could build a house without having a blueprint to guide you? Would anyone? No, nothing will ever happen. It’s the same situation with creating wealth, and manifesting your dreams and goals.

Today, take 30 minutes aside from your normal daily life sit down, close your eyes, and start dreaming about what you really want to manifest.

    * Is there anything you’ve always wanted?
    * Is there something you have long given up on?
    * What makes you really happy?

I remember my parents constantly reminded me not to daydream. I hated it when they threw me out of my lovely daydreams. They told me I will never make it in this world daydreaming. They probably didn’t know that there are professional people that do nothing but daydream. These individuals have a wonderful life, as they need to be totally relaxed in order to ‘download’ new ideas, and then sell them for millions of dollars.

As an adult I had to re-learn daydreaming, as I had been conditioned not to, by my parents. I’ve heard rumors that Google actually gives its employees some extra time during the day, to do creative daydreaming. Dreaming is highly effective for your creativity; many glorious inventions have emerged from it.

So what are you waiting for? Start using the Dream Manifestation Wizard.