Personal Time Management Software

Are these personal time management software applications really as good as people suggest? Give me two minutes and I’ll show you how you can find and use the perfect time management software. Here goes…

Don’t use one!

This may sound totally crazy to you that I’m writing an article on time management software when I actually hate them. Your brain is a very complex thing, no software application can handle and manage all the things that are going on in your head. Life happens guys, don’t let software restrict you.

Instead I suggest that you use a much more traditional method. Pen and paper. You can buy a really good notebook for a few dollars from most good stationary stores, buy one of these and keep it with you at all times. You may split the notebook into sections such as:

  • To-do lists
  • Schedules
  • Project Notes

Although I don’t do that I know it works effectively for a lot of people. But seriously, using a simple pen and paper may not seem like such a good idea but in reality it is. Your mind is complicated, but we are just starting to understand how the mind work. The stages our mind goes through are like this….

Dream -> Think -> Brainstorm -> Plan – Take Actions -> Results

Yes, that’s only the basics but if you can get your dream down on paper, do a quick mindmap, write down action steps and then do those your planning will be right on track with how your mind works.

Scheduling what to do throughout the day is also a problem for a lot of people and something that most personal time management softwares are terrible at organizing. The best advice I can give you is have two pages in your notebook, one with actions you need to take and another page which has a lists of meetings or events that must happen on a certain time and cannot be changed.

Once you have this you can start to work around this. You will know when you have to be in meetings and know that between those times you can focus on your actions list. Something I highly recommend is schedule a time when distractions are welcome, I do this between 4-5pm everyday, this is when people can call me and come into my office and have my full attention.

During the rest of the time you should tell people that if the problem or issue they want to talk to you about is very urgent or will take less than two minutes they can tell you now, if not they should contact you between those two times.

You don’t need personal time management softwares in your life and managing your time for you. I highly recommend that you start using a pen and paper to plan your day and get those important things out of your head and down on paper to refer back to at a later date.

These are just the real basics though, I discuss a lot more ideas and share my highly effective time management strategies that are proven to increase your productivity on my website. You can visit my website at to get my free email newsletter and tons of free advice.