POWER – Boost Your Goals

We’ve all got goals we’re working towards, whether they’re work-based targets, personal development objectives or goals within our personal life. However, often these can feel as if they’re millstones around our necks. Rather than feeling excited, inspired and fired up about achieving them, we can feel as if a goal is something we should be working towards, because that’s the done thing, rather than something we really want to have.

Simply by aligning your goals with POWER can make the difference that changes your goal from a chore to something so compelling, you’re magnetised and fired up towards achieving it!

P: Positive. State your goal in positive terms; something you’re working towards. Often we language our goals negatively, which creates a sense of something we’re running away from, rather than running towards. For example:

“I don’t want to be intimidated by my client anymore” is negative language. You’re looking back at something you’re trying to get away from. Straight away your whole mindset won’t be what you need it to be, in order to propel you forward. Instead, try:

“I want to be more confident and credible when dealing with my client”. This is forward-looking and positive.

O: Own It! How much do you really want and own this goal? One simple question can help you determine whether it’s the right goal for you. Ask yourself: “On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do I really want to achieve this goal?” If you scored 9 or 10, great! If you scored less than 8, this goal is not for you. It’s simply not grabbing you in the guts, in the heart – or anywhere else!

Change the goal to something that really fires you up. If it’s a work-based goal that’s been handed down to you and you can’t change it, think about how you could change the way you’re currently working on it that would get your juices flowing and start to rise your score from where it is now to a higher score.

W: What Will It….. look like, sound like, feel like, when you achieve this goal? The more senses you can use to create what success looks like to you, the more you’ll “feel it in your muscle” and you’ll start to look for ways for bringing it to reality. So, what will you be doing when you achieve this? What will others be doing? What will you be saying and feeling when you achieve this? What will you hear others saying and how will they be feeling? Really build your picture of success with as much detail as you can.

E: Ecology. This looks at the wider implications of you achieving this goal. Are there any downsides to you achieving it? If so, what are they? How likely are they to happen? What can you do to overcome/minimise these? One person I was working with recently wanted his directorship within a 12-month period. However, he was travelling a lot with work already and the promotion would definitely mean more.

He had to work through this to decide whether the goal was still compelling enough for him to go for it, given the downsides he’d identified. Being aware of these and preparing for them can help to make sure your goal and resolve is really tested for strength.

R: Route/Resources. So, what’s the very first step you’re going to take to move towards this goal? And the next? Plan out your steps as you would with anything else you’re completely committed to and put dates next to them. What step can you take TODAY? What resources do you need to help you along the way? Books; training; mentoring; coaching; mindset – identify all the things that will help build your momentum, focus and skill.

Your Task This Week

– Take a goal/outcome/objective you’re currently working on, or about to start work on

– Apply the POWER principles to it

– Notice the difference in speed, enjoyment, progress and general “fired upness” you feel once you’ve given your goals the POWER boost!

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