Productive HABIT Reinforcements (PHR 101)

Exercises that will help you have a lasting Productive Habit.

Do you ever wonder how does a person stay so successful and productive in the midst of a fast paced and ever changing society?

Yes, you can include many prominent factors such as persistence, vision, motivation and purpose. Key word here is prominent.

What about the not so prominent factors in a person’s journey for success? What we are talking about here are productive habits. It is the culmination of continually sticking to small (relatively speaking) productive habits that eventually makes us successful.

Every successful individual (or group of people) has got these exercises down to an art form. They are Parents, professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs etc.

This is where breaking down our H.A.B.I.T. into mini- exercises will help us strengthen it and make it longer lasting.


You need to have strong “WHY” factors in order to determine the level of hunger, drive and motivation. What are you reasons to want to be more productive, stay healthier (mind/body)?

– Make a list of reasons why you want to develop a particular habit? 
– Ask yourself and write down in which way will this habit positively impact a particular area of your life?

For example:

(Spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally):

– daily exercises 
– yoga/meditation 
– eating habits 
– reading


– take financial courses; learn from other successful business people and have them be your mentor 
– read up on current financial subjects; stay current


– practice habits of compassion toward others 
– reconnect with family/friends whom you have been meaning to but never got the chance


– getting proper sleep 
– starting your projects/papers earlier 
– allocate blocks of time to practice on improving your particular field of academics


Getting familiar with your new habit is not always easy. It takes a lot of personal reasons for someone to want to develop a new habit. In order to get accustomed, we usually have to break away from our “comfort” zone/box.

Typical excuses:

– I just want to sleep in a little while longer 
– I will leave that for later (procrastination) 
– I will wait for the perfect time, situation, setting before I start

Tell me when is it ever a “perfect” time?


Everything starts with you. If you are uncertain and you do not believe in yourself, then who will?

Suggestions on how to boost your belief.

– Write down all your past accomplishments. 
– You obviously knew why you wanted to achieve them. Now break down the (how) did you do it? You can uncover certain productive habits that might have developed leading up to your accomplishments.

Write down the (how) processes now.


Be creative with introducing new habits into your lifestyle. Its trial and error at first, but you will for sure have a more productive lifestyle once you learn to have fun with integrating your new habits into your daily schedule.

– Write down what works and what does not work 
– Write down when was your new habit most effective during your day? Why? 
– You will only get better by taking down good notes about yourself


Would you “want to be a wandering generality or a meaningful specific?” Zig Ziglar

Help yourself have a more lasting productive and meaningful habit by making yourself a road map for success. Target your destination, dreams, goals and aspirations.

Why do you get up every morning to do what you do? 
Where do you want to go in life? 
What do you want to achieve?

These are lifelong questions that we ask ourselves.

This can be achieved by practicing the above exercises to find out what each habit means to you and why and how they work for you.


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