Shadow Boxing – Your Way to Success!

Shadow Boxing - Your Way to Success! TAKE the TEST! True OR False?

Is it TRUE that the mind can’t tell the difference between REAL experiences and IMAGINED experiences? Does it react the same way to both Real & Imaginary events?

YES! It’s true.

You can use this principle to your advantage. The theory has been tested in the past. The power of imagining was tested by pitting 3 different groups of students against each other, shooting Basketball Hoops.

A large number of students were tested for their skill at shooting baskets, while standing at the free throw line. From a large group of students, 3 smaller groups of kids, equal size and similar skills were formed. ALL 3 groups shot roughly the same percentage of baskets at the start of the test.

The first group was the Control Group, so for the next few weeks they did NOT practice at all. They were NOT allowed to go into the gym. Group Number 2, entered the gym and practiced doing free throws for 20 minutes EACH day.

The third Group also practiced for 20 minutes everyday, but they NEVER touched a basketball! Each student was told to practice only “in their heads”. They had to IMAGINE shooting free throws for 20 minutes. They NEVER touched a basketball!

At the end of the TESTING period, the First Group, which had NOT practiced, showed NO improvement. When re-tested their scores were the same as their earlier ones.

The Second Group, that had practiced WITH basketballs, shooting REAL free throws, tested 20% HIGHER than their earlier scores.


The Big Shock was Group number 3, which tested 19% BETTER! They NEVER touched a basketball. This proved that we can actually learn a skill by practicing it in our heads.

Is there something that you’re not good at, but you would like to Improve?

If your answer is YES, then just play it over and over again in your mind. IMAGINE and SEE yourself doing this NEW activity, successfully. It works.

BOXERS are very successful using this technique.They IMAGINE fighting their opponents over and over for hours before all important Boxing matches. This has been called “Shadow Boxing.”

Salesmen and Athletes DO IT! This can be a way to build familiarity with any New situation. It builds up confidence.

Mental Imaginary WORKS!

If it’s good enough to help SET Olympic World Records AND BUILD fortunes… what could it possibly do for you?

TRY Shadow Boxing with yourself……

Is there something that you’ve felt too INADEQUATE to attempt? Need a raise? Want to start a New Business? Have desires to write an eBook?

Just IMAGINE yourself doing this thing. Maybe it’s telling your wife that your bother-in-law can’t come to your house this weekend. Maybe it could be going to see your bank about a loan. Whatever it is, IMAGINE it mentally OVER and OVER, again.

ALWAYS remember – your MIND cannot really tell the difference between something you “imagine” and something “real”. YOUR objective is to REPEAT the situation so MANY times that it’s comfortable by the time you actually DO the thing for real. Once you practice enough, it’s nothing new to you.

Add this important new skill to your Emotional Toolbox. Do one repetition at a time and SHADOW BOX your way TO THE TOP!

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