Slaying the Dragon of Distraction With Inner Mind Game Mastery

You know the feeling. There’s an important project to work on and you know that once you complete it, you’ll not only be able to relax but you’ll also be able to generate revenue from the venture. However, you find yourself putting it off – doing everything else but working on it. Why?

We are not one-dimensional; we have multiple inner lives that work constantly trying to help us with what we say we want. If there is incongruence in your values or beliefs between the conscious mind and your subconscious, the subconscious mind will win. It ALWAYS does.

Here are three ways the ‘dragon of distraction’ keeps us from accomplishing our goals and dreams:

1. Distraction keeps us focused on things other then the problem – If we are easily side-tracked, our distractions will grow into deeply rooted habits or worse yet – successful distractions that can turn into addictions that keep us from accomplishing our goals.

2. Keeps us hiding – We stay small because it feels safe and then we’re not moving forward on the very things in our lives we say we want and know will make a profound positive impact on the quality of our life.

3. Keeps us from experiencing failure – We hold back and don’t want to take chances or experience failure; because we can’t handle more failure, our sense of self is so battle weary. So we dabble at our project or goal and never know the joy of success or the learning that will come from trying to accomplish something vital.

How do you know what holds you back? This is one of the most challenging concepts but once you reveal your subconscious saboteurs, you gain power to make changes.

Here are key steps you must do to slay your inner distraction dragons and they are found by asking yourself questions and following specific strategies.

1. What do you want to accomplish? Think about an important project or goal you really want to complete or its successful resolution. 
2. Find a quiet place and focus or concentrate on an area in your body that feels calm. For the time being use the area around your heart or for people familiar with Cybernetic Transposition techniques focus on your Inner Anchor Point. 
3. Then, ask the following question and listen carefully for an answer. “How does it serve me remain on the fence, distracted, unfocused by avoiding doing xyz?Basically, what need is being met by not working on xyz?” Or, if you know what your distraction is, simply ask, “How does focusing on xyz serve me?” 
4. Take what you sense and understand and write it down. Ask deeper questions if you need more clarity.

For example, I recently asked myself this: “How does focusing on my son going to karate classes so he earns his black belt, serve me?”

Someone might answer by saying, “It keeps me feeling like I’m helping and doing something great by being a good mother and helping him avoid regrets if he gives up after five years of classes.”

After you ask this question and answer it, you must follow it up with the following questions: “How does that distraction harm me?”

For example, “It helps my son resist and push against me instead of pushing himself. It also makes him not want to spend time with me. By focusing so strongly on my son attending karate, it also keeps me from seeing what I need to work on in my own personal life. Finally, my brain likes to have a problem to focus on as it thinks it’s been productive.

Another great question to ask is: “What is one action I could take that would move me forward in this area I have permitted distraction to take me off course?”

The answer is to detach from the outcome. In my case, if my son wants to complete his black belt, it is up to him.

Finally, you want to check that you’re comfortable with this solution. If it feels good, you are on the right track.

In my personal example, I got a clear “no” when I did this exercise. Clearly, I seemed unable to let go of the idea that it was still important to support my son in this way.

If you want to get rid of your inner distractions and accomplish more in less time, you’ll want to ask yourself those powerful questions and make sure you listen quietly for the answers. It’s important to have congruence between your brain and your inner beliefs and values. The solution to your questions MUST work on all levels so you can ‘Slay the Dragon of Distraction.’

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Monique Gallagher, BS, BA, is a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach and an expert at helping you grow your businesses from “the inside out.” This means that she can help you get past your stuck points, create a brand identity and find ways to allow your business to serve your life and the lives of others. Monique is an author, speaker, trainer, and is a certified Cybernetic Transposition coach which combines strategies to get you unstuck.

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