Step 4: Set a Deadline for Your Goal

Set a realistic date when you plan to accomplish your goal. Don’t commit to “as soon as possible”! If you don’t have a specific deadline for your goal, you won’t have a sense of urgency and you’ll start to put things off. What’s the hurry, if you don’t have a deadline?

Remember that the deadline must be realistic. We all tend to underestimate time it will take us to accomplish tasks. Keep in mind that unplanned obscacles may occur and slow you down.

Most people who have trouble keeping a deadline do so because they haven’t planned ahead very well. Often times, the calendar is full and they don’t realize it because they haven’t recorded everything on their calendar, or because they simply don’t know how to plan ahead.

Choose a date that is at the same time motivating and realistic. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

After you set a deadline it’s time to go to the next step!