Success Tip – 25 Tips on How to Be Successful

Tip #1: Keep your home, desk, closets, car – clean, neat and organized.

Tip #2: Do what you feel is best, no matter what people think of you.

Tip #3: Believe that: if it is to be, it is up to me

Tip #4: Learn something new every day

Tip #5: Act as if it was impossible to fail.

Tip #6: Build your reputation for honesty, integrity, quality and superb service.

Tip #7: Support others in achieving their goals.

Tip #8: Take responsibility for your past, present, and future experiences.

Tip #9: Inspire others by your example

Tip #10. Think BIG. Dream lofty dreams. Plan. Act NOW.

Tip #11. Strive to accomplish more, with less time, money and energy

Tip #12. Know that you are equal to everyone and that everyone is equal to you

Tip #13: Never forget the power of your smile – it generates enthusiasm, friendliness, confidence.

Tip #14: Do and say things that benefit all concerned

Tip #15. Give something away daily – a postcard, letter, gift, smile, hug, compliment

Tip #16. Develop influential friendships near and far.

Tip #17: Simplify your life, have more fun per hour.

Tip #18. Be good to yourself – keep healthy.

Tip #19. Dress for success – feel great and look like a leader.

Tip #20. Aim for excellence in your field.

Tip #21. Accept people the way they are and the way they are not.

Tip #22. Live your ideal life – NOW.

Tip #23. Be open to new ideas, relationships and experiences

Tip #24. Realize that all events happen for the best.

Tip #25. Avoid saying: can’t, hard, difficult. Say: I can, it’s easy, it’s simple

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