That Goal is Achievable! 8 Tips to Making it Become a Reality

Most times you find yourself in situations where you have to choose weather to pursue a goal or back off; you have tried other ways to achieve the goal but it all turned a failure. The fact that you failed in a game does not mean that you have been defeated; you only lost the game because you failed to feel some loop holes, which means you need to work a little harder to win next time. This is the same thing with setting and achieving a goal. This article has provided some tips to help you achieve your goal.

1. Name and Define the Goal
The reason why most people fail in their goals is because they tend to have and achieve so many things at a time. Goal-setting is not a random thing; it’s a slow and gradual process which when properly defined and followed up, gives you the result you seek. The first thing you should do when ever you want to set a goal is to name and define it, that way you will focus on the necessary means of achieving it.

2. Pray it Over
Weather you are a Christian or not, always remember that there is someone watching over you and your plans. Take it to him in prayers before you set out to enquire from people.

3. Take a little Tour
Do not make the mistake of acting on your own immediately you have named your goal; always make plans to visit some friends or relatives who already possess or have what you are aspiring to achieve. When you visit them try to ask them some questions about what they know of the goal and how they achieved it; also seek advice from them before you proceed. Make sure the people you will visit are people you can trust with your goal, if you don’t trust them give it a break and look elsewhere there must be somebody you can trust!

4. You and yourself
By this time, you must have known some good and bad associated with the goal, what you do next is to examine yourself by critically asking yourself if the goal is worth planning for, using yourself as a point of contact not the people you gained knowledge from. Use the knowledge you got from friends or relatives to view the worthiness of the goal from your own part; when your heart approves of it you can then proceed to the next step.

5. Draw up a Plan for Your Actions
This is where you design the way you want the goal to be achieved. If the goal ordinarily is a one-year minimum achievable goal and two years plus maximum, you can draw your plan to fit the one year plan depending on your target and available resources; otherwise be patient to work on it gradually for more than one year; goals of this kind are usually long-term goals with much expected result. Why it’s advisable to draw such plans is to be able to master your decision and stay more focused and devoted to it.

6. Dream and Keep a visual mindset on the goal
While you work on the plans to achieve the goal, dream it and always try to keep a visual mindset on it. You can do this by visualizing the things you stand to benefit from the goal when it becomes a reality; this will act as a motivation for you to keep up!

7. Keep it Simple
When you get to this level, learn to keep your actions and plan to yourself; you don’t really need to be broadcasting or telling everybody about your plans and actions until it becomes a reality. Learn to focus and not to be distracted by anything be it friends or family.

8. Have an Expectant Spirit
Keep an expectant spirit always, and keep your self in the loop by reading articles and publications to get yourself more informed on any change in trend.

The goal you specifically singled and worked on can never be a failure, so go on and name that goal and start using the above tips to see it come to pass!

Nwachukwu Jackson Kelechi is an Industrial Chemist, a Writer, Facilitator, Business and Expense Reduction Consultant; an Information Expert and Entrepreneur. He is the Founder/CEO of Careerzon International Foundation for better Citizenship. He believes so much in Motivation and Self Development. He has his philosophy of life as–there is no noble occupation in the world than to help someone else succeed. Visit his website for more of life changing articles.Article Source: