The Art of Creating Powerful Intentions

Intentions are indeed very powerful if they are created in the right way. There are a few basic rules you will want to understand, otherwise your intentions may simply evaporate, or even backfire. By backfire, I mean they create just the opposite of what you wanted.

The Purpose of Making Intentions

We use intention to guide our attention in a new direction, in order to create a new or different reality. For example, maybe you’d like to change your job. Most people would start with the intent to have a better job, as the old one doesn’t satisfy anymore. However, trouble may be brewing here already…

If you move on from something you don’t like, to something you prefer, you may deny your current situation. In order to make successful intentions, it is important to deal with the current situation first, and do some analytical thinking about it.

Understand that you created this situation, so don’t blame anybody else for it. Take full responsibility, and understand that you are the only person responsible for the current circumstances.

Do away with any judgments of your current situation, until you can see it from a neutral perspective. There was a point in your life when it was the perfect decision. Don’t compare the now with the past, as you have since had new experiences and gained a different viewpoint.

This is a common mistake in thinking; it is like a loophole in the mind. You jump from one time-line into another time-line, and then compare them. This leads to false conclusions. Besides that, leave the past; don’t reinvent it.

Evaluate Your Current Situation

If you look at your current situation without judgments, you empower yourself. Only from a neutral standpoint can you make a powerful new decision. This new decision will be based on deliberate intent instead of reaction to circumstances. This is where choice and free will comes in.

Now, at the point of being neutral, you can ask yourself the following questions:

    * What do I like about my current job?
    * What do I want to improve in my next job?
    * What would be the perfect job for me?
    * What would I like to feel from my next job?
    * What am I good at?
    * In which areas is this job supporting me to live my full potential?

Write down the answers to these questions, and start to craft a few full sentences out from your answers. Include all the positive points. Make these sentences as precise as possible.

It could read like this: My next job is exciting; it flows with me, makes me happy, and I am able to learn and grow with it.

When you are done, read it out loud. If you have trouble saying the sentence, or even memorizing it, then it is not ready. Simply take a few moments and refine it.

Overcoming Pitfalls when Creating Intentions

Intentions are formed in your conscious mind; however, it’s your subconscious that receives these commands and creates the necessary opportunities in your life. In other words, your conscious mind deciding on this new opportunity creates a new reality.

    * Use only positive words
    * Include a time frame
    * Remove negations
    * Be precise

Here is a simple test. Don’t think about a blue elephant! What happened? You thought about the blue elephant, you may even imagined it. The subconscious does not work analytically; it cannot understand words like ‘don’t’ or ‘not.’ It works mostly in images, sounds, and smells.

You want to avoid use of any negative words in your intentions. Always formulate your intentions in such a way that they reflect the outcome of what you’d like to create.

Example of how not to do it:
– I don’t want to have so much responsibility.

Better Example:
– In my new job I feel comfortable with my responsibility.

Including a Time Frame:

There is a difference between creating in your own universe or in the physical world. When you create inside yourself there is no time involved – your consciousness is timeless!

For example, if you’d like to change your attitude toward your boss, you don’t need to set a time frame. You can simply create the intention: I appreciate my boss, or, I value my boss’ viewpoints and beliefs. It will work instantly if there is no other belief or intention in its way.

When you deal with the physical world, setting a time frame becomes important. The physical world works within time and space. If you build a new house, first you have a plan, and then you move dirt, assemble wood, install plumbing, and move furniture, until the house is complete. It takes time and effort.

So if you make your intention but you leave out the time frame – your intention becomes doubtful. Example: “I am working in my dream job.” Well, you would say right away – I’m not. It sounds more like an affirmation than an intention. Include the time frame, and this example turns into: 6 months from now I am working in my dream job.

Pay attention to any reactions you have when you formulate your intention. Your mind may interfere and tell you: No way, I will never get this, or this is impossible. If you encounter these instant judgments, formulate your intentions differently, so that they feel more do-able. Sometimes you may want to break a big intention into smaller pieces.

For example: In 2 weeks I am a Millionaire is an intention that may not work for most people. However, an intention like: Every day I have more money to spend may bring you there.

New Years Intentions Vs. Birthday Intentions

Many people make new year’s resolutions on first night, which is a good thing. However, making them on your birthday is more efficient.

Why is this? A new year is an artificial point of time, it just means that one year passed, and is not related to you in any way – it’s impersonal. If you make your new year’s resolution on your birthday, it is personal, because on this specific day the sun is in the same position as it was when you were born. Astrologers call this point a sun-sun conjunction. It is a very powerful point in time, as a new individual cycle for you starts.

May all your dreams come true.


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