The Best Year of Your Life!

Can you look back (in your mind’s eye) and identify a particular year that you could refer to as the best year of your life? Usually, there are certain events, or a string of events, which occurred at a time in your history that provide you with significant memories; memories that impact on the feelings you have for the past. All of this occurs in the realm of your ‘hindsight’.

What if you could choose, in advance, the best year of your life? If you could, would you choose 2009 or would you wait for 2010 or somewhere else down the track of time?

At the beginning of 2008, I made the decision that it was the best year of my life. Every morning I got up early and spent about one hour in quiet-time – thinking, mentally planning or dreaming of ideas for the day – and then I wrote in a journal. What I wrote was a summary of my expectations for the day ahead and every daily journal-entry ended with the statement… “This year, 2008, is the best year of my life.”

Ok, what’s going through your mind right now? Are you thinking, “Oh my goodness, this guy is a Polly-Anna dreamer” or, are you thinking “Hmmm, that sounds interesting”? No matter what you might be thinking, let me share with you how 2008 turned out to be for me.

Indeed, 2008, was the best year of my life; not because of the outcomes of the year, but because of the attitude I took with me into every day. Of course, I had some challenges, problems and roadblocks from time-to-time. The difference was; I dealt with ever obstacle through the mindset of “This is the best year of my life.”

Turn that around for a moment and imagine going into every day with the head-space of “This is the worst year of my life.” Can you see how your attitude towards everything would be vastly different?

So, here’s the big question… What sort of year do you intend to have in 2009? And, before you respond with “I don’t know”; consider this saying: “3% of people make things happen, 7% of people watch what happens, and 90% of people wonder what happened.” Which percentage group do you fall into?

You can make the choice, right now, that 2009 is the best year of your life – it’s the best year in your business, the best year in your health, the best year in your relationships – the best year in every aspect! It is a simple, willful decision!

In the current economic circumstances the world is facing, and with all the fear and negativity that the so-called experts are highlighting and prophesying; it would be easy to set mediocre or even deficit expectations for 2009.

However, history has proven that, even during the crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed, there were quite a lot of people who significantly prospered. Unfortunately, most commentators of those periods in history tended to speak loudest of the failures and calamities, rather than the wins and good-news stories. (Don’t just take my word for it, get on the internet and read about success stories of the Great Depression – there are heaps!)

So, again, the question is asked… what sort of year do you intend to have in 2009? More importantly, will you choose to have your say in it, or even dictate what this year will be for you?

For me, it’s a no-brainer… just like last year, 2009 is the best year of my life! No matter what comes my way, this is the belief and expectation that dominates my expectations for every single day of this year. You go ahead and make YOUR choice. But before you do, here’s a little something to consider in your deliberations:

Definition of entrepreneurship: 
Find out what 95% of the population is doing, then do the opposite.


Mike Francis

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