The Easiest Way To Accomplish Anything Faster And With Less Stress

When you get ready in the morning, you select your outfit, shoes, and accessories based on the activities of the day. But how often have you stopped to select your thoughts for the day?

Not taking time to do this means you are making do with whatever your mind is “wearing” already. This is like wearing pajamas to the office and wondering why you feel a bit “off.”

Selecting one or two important positive thoughts will prepare you for anything.

How to do it:

1. As you start your day, let your mind wander and think of the challenges you expect to face.

2. Notice the negative thoughts that pop up, i.e. “I can not handle the meeting this afternoon” or “this report is too complex for me to understand.”

3. Change all of the negatives to a positive. Example: I CAN learn to read this report by asking a co-worker to help me. I can handle the meeting this afternoon and I will take deep breaths if I feel stressed.

4. Repeat the positive thoughts to yourself several times. If possible, write them down and review them often.

5. You will find your meetings and reports are far less stressful because you have prepared yourself and your thoughts in advance.

Positive thinking is not “sugar-coating” or lying to yourself. It is changing an un-true statement, e.g. “I can not do this because it’s too difficult” with a true statement “I can try my best and I enjoy challenges and a feeling of accomplishment.”

As you begin the process of positive thinking, start by writing down each positive thought on a note card and say it to yourself at least five times a day. Add more note cards as you feel comfortable.

Within a very short time you will find your behavior changing because of your positive thinking. You may notice you begin to take action to solve problems. Even problems you have ignored for some time!

It will happen easily and effortlessly, as if part of you just knows how to handle it. Instead of flipping on the TV, you will notice yourself opening a book that happens to have the answer you need. Suddenly you will find yourself talking to a friend and asking for the exact thing you need. Like magic, the actions you need to take will happen. It will seem to come from an easy, effortless place. You will not need to force yourself to do it or feel stress.

All you did was spend thirty seconds repeating a few words to yourself! And look at the amazing result! Incredible success and productivity almost instantly.

Your positive thought allows your mind to work for you, not against you!

An explanation for how this work. Think of yourself as a visionary at a company and your mind is your employee. Without clear instructions, your employee does not know how to help you. Your employee will try his best, but will probably just make a mess! You need to give this employee clear instructions to get the best result. Your mind is the same. You need to give yourself clear instructions in the form of a positive thought. Then your mind will go to work to take care of the problem! It will feel right and easy to take action, instead of dreadful.

Negative thoughts train your mind to avoid handling problems. This can lead to procrastination and frustration.

So dress up your thoughts! It’s powerful, easy, and in just a few seconds of simply repeating a statement to yourself, you can quickly manifest what you want!

Your thoughts create feelings and action. Control your thoughts, control your results.

This is how it works:

1. Your thoughts tell you what you want.

2. You find yourself doing things, or things happening, and it feel easy, “right”, and effortless. Your thoughts set you on a path to accomplish something.

3. You notice that you have achieved something that seemed very difficult to do in the past. And this time it was much easier to take action.

4. All of your achievements come together. Before you know it, by simply repeating a thought to yourself, you have created a new life full of all the things you desire!

Julie Melillo is a Certified Life Coach in Manhattan. She helps her clients discover their true passions in life in the areas of career and relationships. She then helps them find the motivation to take action and reach their dreams. She coaches clients in-person in Manhattan and around the world over the telephone and internet using her powerful techniques. Visit her web site: