The Two Methods of Manifestation With the Law of Attraction

There are two primary methods of manifestation when talking about the Law of Attraction. Personally I use both methods, but lean more to one than the other because one feels more in alignment with myself.

The two methods are:

Believe Your Desire – When you believe that your desire is already here, you send out massive expectation to the universe. When you truly believe that you have something, it will show up in your life.

Believing something as true though, can be a tricky thing. Processes like visualizing and affirmations are using the “believe your desire” method of manifesting. It can take some time before you truly believe your desire as true, which is why the second method of manifestation can be helpful to use also.

Feel Good – When you feel good, in those moments you’re automatically in alignment with everything that you want. Everything you consider to be good, you’re in alignment with when you feel good.

The Law of Attraction puts like with like.

As I mentioned, I use both methods to get myself into alignment with my desires, but I prefer to feel good as feeling good is glorious. Far too many people spend time watching the news and reading newspapers which makes them feel miserable, yet they continue to do it every single day.

I can assure you that if you feel miserable, fearful and worried about anything at all, then you’re moving away from the things you want to bring into your life and you’re moving closer to the things that you don’t want.

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