Time For a New Money Attitude

The word “money” is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Think about money for a second. What thoughts do you immediately think when you say the word “Money”? We are bombarded by the news, daily newspapers, our parents and society preaching the bad news about money. Think about it for a second. What have you learned about money? And what are you currently saying about money? Maybe you are one of the many individuals who belief that:

  • “You have to work hard to get money.”
  • “Money must be earned the hard way.”
  • “You don’t get something for nothing.”
  • “Money is hard to come by.”
  • “Money is hard to save.”
  • “There is never enough money.”
  • “Money is root of all evil.”
  • “Rich people are greedy.”
  • “I’ll be happy when I get some money.”

Take a moment to repeat any of these out loud and see how you feel. I am sure you would agree with me that saying these negative statements was really uncomfortable, especially when you are trying to create more money in your life. However, have you found yourself in the past saying those exact things. Or maybe you know someone right now who believes those statements and says them all the time when they are around you. Get this! If someone is making those statements, they are pushing money out of their life. If you are saying those things, is it ultimately affecting your finances and your ability to earn money? That is absolutely true! There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you said to a loved one, “I love you however I don’t want you around”, do you think they would stay around. Heck no. If someone is constantly bad mouthing money, why would money want to come in to their life? As a professional speaker, author and public speaking coach, I have found that there are specific rules that apply to money. I would like to share with you four of my personal favorite rules about money. If you want more money in your life, start applying these rules right now.

Rule # 1 – Money is available to everyone.

Look around you. Money is everywhere. It is exchanged everyday all over the world. There is no difference between you and the multi-millionaire. Remember, the statement that everyone puts their pants on the same way. It has a lot of truth to it. Let go of any idea that a millionaire is different than you. We all have our own unique talents, abilities, skills, and gifts that when applied can easily make us millions. The only difference between a millionaire and a financially challenged person is that millionaires become masters as using their skills and talents. That is what makes them millionaires.

Rule #2 – Money is not bad.

Money is only bad if people believe it so. Some people actually believe that money makes people greedy and I was one of them. Due to some issues with my grandmother’s will, at an early age I made a decision that money makes people greedy. How many people have said “Money is the root of all evil” when the actual bible quote is “The love of money is the root of all evil.” If you are challenged by the thought that money makes people greedy, nasty, snobbish, I have one suggestion for you. Remember all the multi-millionaires and billionaires who are generous, kind, loving and caring. Think about Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump and how much they donate to charity every year. They are smart entrepreneurs who know that in order to receive they must be willing to give first.

Rule # 3 – You must always give and receive money joyfully.

Do you give money joyfully, however when someone wants to give you something you push it away? Do you love to receive, however it is hard for you give generously to charity. Money is meant to be circulated. It is meant to be received gratefully and easily, and it is meant to be shared with others. Each day I say this affirmation about money “I openly and willing share my good with others and it comes back to me multiplied.” And yes, it does. Be ready to give and be ready to receive. Let more money in to your life and do it joyfully.

Rule # 4 – You have to feel worthy to receive more money.

The simplest and easiest way to feel worthy is to keep a non-spendable $100 bill in your wallet. I heard that for years and used the excuse that I just haven’t had a chance to do it. Now I am kicking myself for waiting so long. When you put a $100 bill in your wallet, something changes inside. When you go to talk to the millionaire, you feel more confident and wealthier. You start to realize that you are rich! Maybe you are not as wealthy as they are at that moment; however you are well on your way. By the way, if you already have a $100 in your wallet, put $500 in your wallet.

Rule # 5 – Declare what you do want daily.

Is your wallet looking a little low? Is putting a $100 bill in your wallet is absolutely out of the question because you just don’t have a $100 right now. Affirm what you want and not what you do not want. You can say things like “I am a Money Magnet!” “Money comes to me easily.” “Everyday I receive income from multiple sources on a continuing basis with ease.” I know that it may sound a little hokey, however I can tell you from personal experience it works. As a result, you will start to attract the situations that support your new money attitude and your increasing prosperity.

With the 5 Rules of Money in your tool box, you can now feel confident that you can start to create Money, Money, and so much more than just Money in your life. It is as simple as starting with a New Money Attitude and applying the 5 Rules of Money in your life now. Get started today.

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