Tips to Stick to Your Health Goals

In January, gyms and fitness centers were filled to the brim with eager “resoulutioners” ready to get started on a new year of being physically fit. Now, in March, you can hear the crickets chirp as the few remaining hangers-on work out in an almost empty gym. Have you fallen off your promises to yourself to be fit in 2010? Here are a few tips to help you get motivated and stay motivated:

Schedule Time To Workout

Make an appointment that goes into your calendar to work out. Don’t simply decide that you will work out at the end of the day if you have time… make an appointment with yourself and treat it like you would any other meeting. Your health is too important to skip. Consider working out at the beginning of the day, since our days tend to get more and more hectic as the day goes on.

Find Something You Like to Do

Hate the treadmill? Try the elliptical machine. Hate to run? Try swimming. Studies show that people doing exercises that they enjoy are much more likely to continue their exercise routine

Put your Money where your Motivation Needs It

Hire a trainer! When we spend money, we are more likely to meet our commitments. Knowing that you are going to loose money if you don’t show will likely cause you to make all of your workouts. Also, there’s nothing like a trainer to help you push your limits.

Join In

Having trouble with motivation to “show up?” Join a class, or join a sports team where people are going to count on you.

Take Advantage of “Unofficial” Workouts

Play tag with your kids. You’ll both sleep better tonight.

Park as far from the door of the store as possible and walk. The extra steps really add up.

Take the stairs. This is a no brainer.

Do your own yard work and house cleaning. Help an older friend or relative with this and feel even better.

Volunteer somewhere like Habitat for Humanity where the work is manual labor. Fitness and service are a great combination.

At work, deliver all of your things instead of using the interoffice mail system. You will get some valuable face time with your co-workers and burn some calories.

Whenever you need time to “think”… do it standing up, pacing, or by taking a walk.

Never sit to talk on the phone. Move around and get some quick cleaning or other small task completed. You’ll get something done, complete you phone call, and get some exercise.

By Adam T Jones. He also runs a website about Princess House Fanasia where you can purchase Princess House Fantasia kitchen ware.?